New over 9.5 rules?

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  1. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Anyone else heard anything about this?

    Now you have to work three over 9.5s before you can opt-in? That's lame.

    Seems if you have an extended route you're screwed. Who defines exactly what an "extended" route is?

    What's the point in even voting for a contract when the Teamsters just change it to meets UPS wishes whenever they want?

    I guess the Teamsters have forgotten who they work for.
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    It's like they are politicians we elect to Washington, DC :wink2:
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    They just posted this crap on our bulletin board recently. The definition of an extended route is simple-all routes. It is simply amazing what has become of this union. I predict that most folks will not complain much about overtime with the big scare going on right now. We are actually fortunate to have jobs. I am sure someone with a necktie reminds you of that daily.

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    We are probably one of the few blue-collar company that actually forces overtime. I don't know what pencil-pushers are making the decisions, but we can not be losing that much more money putting in an extra route.

    1 year progression driver $18.45 x 8hrs = 147.60

    Full progression driver $28.49 x 8hrs = 227.92

    Full progression overtime $42.73 x 8hrs = 341.84

    How many of us have seen newer drivers sent home everyday? There is no way in hell it costs UPS that much difference to do it. You would think UPS would setup a system where we would be begging for overtime and extra stops, not the other way around. Worse case scenario, you get drivers back to the building early for the hubs. I do understand drivers with late pickups would have to be given extra work to fill 9hrs, but they still overload drivers with little to no pickups.

    I am sure if it was the other way around, I could make an argument that they should just leave the work on the regular routes and let us work over 8 hours. Just a rant.
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    changed it to one of the few
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    New ,over 9.5 rules?

    We've always known this. :happy-very:
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    over9five is always trying to make new rules...I think he wants to be Cheryl.
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    I don't know if they would be considered blue collar but a lot of the area hospitals mandate overtime. The only difference is that this is done in response to staffing shortages.[/QUOTE]

    I was going to pose the question "do you suppose the "staffing shortages" might have something to do with stress?", but I'm sure my point would be missed.
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    Not if I have anything to say about it!!:happy-very:
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    It may seem real simple but it isn't that simple. There is a break even point that the Corporate IE gurus have figured out. Also - it is not just one point. These points are based on different costs such as adding the benefits package - adding a physical car, adding a building etc., and adding more people onto the payroll as well as training costs associated.

    The costs are extrapolated when you start adding buildings. Now there is additional feeder routes as well as relooping cost and all support personal including preload - clerical - pm operations. Also the addition of possible new transportation corridors.

    The longer you can hold off on putting in a route or two the longer you can keep the other costs from snow balling.

    We are talking about millions and millions of dollars.
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    I think he rules too. He's one of the best moderator's alive. Whoops, just clarified the title of this thread. It's not News, over 9.5 rules, as in breaking news. It is actually about new over 9.5 rules. Sorry, read it wrong. That is all.:wink2:
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    Get ready to set and extra plate at Thanksgiving:happy2:
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    I was going to pose the question "do you suppose the "staffing shortages" might have something to do with stress?", but I'm sure my point would be missed.[/quote]

    No, my ex is a RN so I know exactly what you are talking about. The shortages appear to be lessening as more and more people are trying to get in to the medical field as this is one of the few areas in our economy that is prospering and will continue to do so as our population ages.
  16. soberups

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    >>The 9.5 Committee shall also have the authority to adopt guidelines to ensure that this Section is
    implemented in such a way as to balance the Employer’s need to protect the integrity of its
    operations with an employee’s legitimate need to avoid excessive overtime.<<

    This language allows the company to renegotiate the 9.5 issue with the union.

    This was the contract we voted "yes" on.

    If you voted "yes" then you got what you asked for.
  17. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I voted no because of this 9.5 language and the 8-hr day changes.

    If they are going to renegotiate any parts of the contract after ratification we, the dues paying members, should be notified beforehand.
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    As said in a post in another thread. Unless you are in Central States, you have no idea why anyone would vote yes or no. Your statement in the last sentence is not only incorrect but ill thought out and way too simplistic.
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    What if we(service providers) went to 4-12 hour day work week?Could and/or would corperate consider this?What would be some pros and cons?
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    So who is going to work that 5th 12 hour day?
    I've been working five 11 hour days for months.