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    Tons of questions:
    -what brand of shoes/boots/work clothes (middle states area De/Pa/NJ) do you recommend
    -are working conditions the same in winter/summer or are there drastic differences
    -how long should I expect to wait before getting a f/t opportunity
    -I don't see myself as a driver; what type of career is possible as a handler or other warehouse-based area?
    -when can I expect a raise
    -when do benefits start

    *are there long-time handlers that will tell me how they feel about UPS as a career? would you do it the same way all over? what advise can you give me?

    My first real job out of HS. I'm excited, but unsure of long-term future with UPS. All insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    have you been to an info-session yet? a recruiter will usually cover all of these topics with you.

    assuming you are applying as a pkg handler...

    any..just make sure they are in good condition w/ a non-slip sole..they will take a beating after time

    one is hot as hell and one is cold is hell. How do you feel about working out in 90+ temps or below 30 temps??

    depends on your area. Some areas may take 3-5 yrs on average. Some are longer and some are shorter. If you are looking for FT right now, this isnt the job for you. Period...

    u say that now, but wait until u start seeing some of the paychecks they get :lol:

    initially after 90days...then after 1yr

    after 6 months
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    There's a guy in HR that sits in a nice AC'd office who can answer all those questions for you.
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    My dad was wondering the same thing about HR (benefits) because I wasn't given any info. I'm suppoded to start next week & they just said I'm hired & gave me a time to show up "ready to work". I assume I'll be working but maybe the 1st day is a meeting. I'm really passing some of the questions along that my father asked because Im not really sure what type of questions the Hr person can answer & which ones I should ask here-I assume this blog can cut thru the bs. I'm 19 & in my first real job-will they let me bring the HR stuff home & review it with my parents before making a ny decisions. Is the HR person the one to talk to re union issues or is there another person for that? Am I automatically in the union as a p/t pkg handler? What ways can I advance to f/t as quick as possible? Are there nice carreer opportunities for non-driver positions? I've been reading the blog & realise that the pay/work is not so great early on & that focusing on a fututre with UPS makes the work a little easier. I'm just trying to be realistic about things. Any help is appreciated-thanks again
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    No tennies, sturdy leather, non slip soles, good repair. Don't need steel toes.

    Depends on the center how quickly you can move up. Full time hourly jobs can be hard to come by without high seniority. For management you'll have to be in college, preferably working toward a business degree. Probably start out as a part time supervisor which is a hellish, thankless job. You're stuck between hourly and full time sups and have unioin rules to deal with.

    Thirty days, I believe before you gain any type of seniortiy and can join the union. During that time UPS can get rid of you for pretty much anything. After the 30 days you are in the union and dues will be taken from your check. Once you get started and a little bit comfy find out who your unior steard is and ask them specific questions. They're a goldmine of info.

    Working conditions depend on where you work, inside, outside or a combination. Nothing fancy for clothes, they will get dirty and sometimes torn.

    Take a cold bottle of gatorade with you plus a frozen one if it's hot. By breaktime it will be ready to drink. They will have fountains and if you really need a drink, ask your sup if you can run and get some water. They should let you.

    No need to have anyone read anything over. If you don't like it you're a free person and can quit. If you don't work out for them they can get rid of you in the first 30 days. It's that way most any job.

    It's a hard job, you need thick skin and a love of hard physical work. Give yourself two or three weeks to muscle up and get used to it before giving up. You'll love it or hate it. Best of luck! dw
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    ^^^ yep he summed it up good... the probation period is now 70 working days though b4 you can attain seniority
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    Joining the union is not an optional thing...Besides when any issues come up they will save your A.. Not being in a union they would walk all over you if they could.
    Trust me being in the union is a definate benifit. Why would you not want to join a union anyway?
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    If its the same as I did you will go through a week of orentaition classes and be shown some videos and all the good stuff about UPS. Usally the mon-thur they just talk to you and friday is when they get you a little hands on training. The next week is all hand on with a trainer until you have been with UPS for abou a month and your solo from thier on. Its not hard just listen to what they say.

    I wear some "original SWAT boots(steel toe), they are expensive but its the only work boots I use. Don't get any walmart boots. They are cheap and do not last long. Now as far as colthing any old shirt works, but get some good pants or shorst I wear "Dickies." You can get them at any wal mart. Regular jeans will be toast in about 3 months depending on your job in the hub.
    Depends on what region you live in. I am a Sorter on the primary here in Dallas, when you think of Texas you think Heat, heat, and more heat. It gets very cold down here. If your from a cold region be sure to have a sweat band or clothe and a hat to absorb your sweat on your head. It will keep you warm since head can loose body heat faster then any other place.

    Most F/t's are managment as far as in the hub. I am not sure how exactly the structure is in driving but, most poeple double shift to get hours in the hub

    drink lots of water! As far as Sorting I dont hate or love my job becuase I know I have to start somewhere. I am hoping to become a driver soon instead of going managemnt in the HUB.

    Hope everything works out...good luck
  10. Muttley

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    1st day in a few hours-thanx for the info everyone!
  11. RozUPS

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    I beg to differ on not needing steel toes.. You could be handling heavy 100# and up irregs. Could be trailer hitches, heavy metal stock or rods and sheets of steel, industrial steel truck parts etc or just plain ole big heavy boxes.
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    Please, Please do yourself a favor and put money into the 401K plan UPS offers you, listen, you do not know how long you will be working at UPS and would be kicking yourself 5, 10, 15 years down the line if you are still at UPS and didn't put money into the 401K...Red Wing boots work best for me, real comfortable. Here in metro NY you need to get 90 calender days under your belt for a 50 cents raise. Benefits I think are after 6 months check it out though.
  13. xDELETEDx

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    I just got my 90 day raise so I'm still fairly green, I'll give you some tips I picked up:

    Get some comfy steel toe work shoes, they're a little lighter and give you a bit more mobility than boots. Non slip tread, oil resistant and get some good insoles. Some jerkass loader threw a box with a broken bottom on top of wall of boxes, when I unloaded it, the 58lb hydraulic ram inside fell out and landed on my shoe. It barely pinched my toe but it was enough to make me get steel toes. Get some gauze because your feet need to get used to have no flexibility in the toe area and can cause blisters at first.

    Wear shorts. Your knees and shins will take a beating if you're unloading, but they give you more flexibility and you retain less heat. Light cotton shirts are godsend, darker colors seem to keep me cooler for some reason.

    Gatorade/sports drinks are important, water is great but your muscles also need electrolytes. It's good to drink a bottle or 2 of gatorade before your shift to build up electrolytes. Do not get dehydrated, it's very easy to do if you're not careful, your body constantly needs water. Watch the caffeine, as it's a diuretic and makes you expel water.

    Stock up on advil and aleve, stretch before you shift, after break and before bed. It's tempting to just crash out when you get home, but drink some water and stretch before you do. You will wake up sore, that passes after a few weeks.

    Get some good coated gloves.

    Most importantly, don't let it get to you. Every once in while there's some BS that happens, but that happens at any job. Just do the best you can do and enjoy the feeling of a hard day's work.
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    Thanks for the replys guys-I'm going out tonite to look for work boots. I've heard the "save early & often" advise from everyone and do plan to take advantage of the 401k. Does the union plan have a match? Stock hasn't been doing great lately does the 10% (i think) discount still makes it a good bet? I didn't think i had to wait 6 mos for the medical-I have to check on that. Didn't work too much today, mostly training and forms. Off tomorrow so I'll check Thurs.
  15. Muttley45

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    HazMAt MAn

    What Red Wing model do you wear? What does anyone know about Skechers work shoe/boot? They have steel toe & look comfortable. I saw some guys with gloves-do they help? Any special type/brand? Thanks.
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    Advancing to full time is based on seniority. And it's different in every building all over the country. In my region the wait to become a full time driver is between 1 and 3 years depending on the building. The wait for non driving full time position is 5 to 10 years depending on the building.
    I have no idea where you work or what the seniority is like. So I have no clue how long it will take you to go full time.

    The best way to find out the wait for full time is whenever a bid goes up for a job take a look at the start dates of everyone who signs up. That'll give you an idea of how long you have to wait. In my center the lifer part timers take the inside FT jobs as they open up and the new guys go driving.
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    I bought a pair of Timberland Pro steel toe hikers at Sears that are comfortable and needed zero break in. Comfy out of the box
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    Thanks guys-this stuff is really helpful & I appreciate the advise (great tips XdelX).