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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upse05, Aug 15, 2005.

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    As a brief introduction, I just started working at UPS as a PAS clerk. Im 22. Looking at it now, I should have just gotten a commercial license and applied as a driver, since I now have to wait a year to apply. I have 4 yrs experience as an office assistant with a music magazine. I have been working hard since signing up about 2 weeks ago, and although I am only working PT I feel this position at UPS does not require much skill. (No insult intended to all fellow hard working PAS and pre-loaders, as it is a decent job)

    Although I have just started I am looking forward to advancing my career at UPS, I only wish I had applied for a better position and did not my sights low. I feel I am somewhat overqualified for this role for the amount of experience I have had working outside of UPS.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or do you feel it is too early to look for advancement? I do not want to get on the bad side of any supervisors as they would probably interpret it the wrong way. Thanks in advance.
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    Try preloading. Even with the PAS labels, it takes some skill, more so than scanning labels (if that's what your doin')

    Of course there was more skill involved before pas when charts had to be used for preload. As far as 'advancement' goes, well, you could always put in a letter to become a p-t sup, I don't know if that is really an 'advancement' though. I guess it's all how you look at it. Otherwise, put in time, get seniority, and 'advance' through the hourly ranks. The job may not be 'rocket science' but I have seen many 'rocket scientists' come and go, if you know what I mean?
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    Yes, I have a suggestion. Run as fast and as far away as you can from UPS. Do not waste one more day of your life with this company. I'm not being funny or joking around. Run!!!!!!
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    "I feel I am somewhat overqualified for this role for the amount of experience I have"

    I feel that way about my delivery job as well.

    Damn, I ought to be running the show by now.

    Personally, with your resume, I think you ought to put your application in for CEO. Bound to do a better job than the one we have now.

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    If you fell you are overqualified, then why dont you go to the sort isle or unload, and then tell us how qualified you are. Any idiot can scan labels, but not just everyone can do it all. I am currently scanning labels myself, but I have pushed it out from the unload "till my elbows fell off" or to use another one "till I threw up." If you don't want to scan labels, which I don't, but they haven't hired anyone else to do it, then get a real UPS job and unload a 45 or 53 foot flatbed and then lets hear your whining. You will be glad for the job you have.
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    "Bound to do a better job than the one we have now."

    Yes, and you were a small man before you became a big man...
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    What if he was a midget and now is only 4 foot tall?
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    I've only seen Eskew in those stupid videos. Maybe he is only 4 feet tall.....
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    Who is Eskew?????....I only hear "Mr. Bill" talking in the UPS videos.
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    To drive a package car, I don't think you need a commercial license. And you really can't just apply as a driver, usually the FT jobs go to the part-timers. IMO, don't go into PT supervision, you will be stuck there for years and years. If you want to work FT at UPS, stay in the union.
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    Could you please stop putting the pas labels over the 1Z bar code labels.
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    Yeah!!! How much intelligence does it take to learn not to cover the barcode????

    Or yesterdays service cross??

    Or the address??

    Or the cod amount??
  13. laborer

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    I don't know for sure but I'd guess these clerks are expected to produce outrageous production numbers just like the rest of us
  14. swingdriver

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    some pas labels in our center are now being put on the packages by machines.
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    Man, this is a tough crowd.
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    hate to give you the bad news: but at 22 you are young enough to make many changes in your life, as of now with ups and our great union it will take you till you are 66 to retire with 30 years not a bad dealthe union is giving us now we get to work 2 years for one as this job is going you will luckey if you make it 20 years good luck.
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    upse05: you didn't state whether you had your degree or not. If not, go get it. You may work in a building that will help cover your education, which will be vital to any job you may apply for that you would consider an advancement. Drivers make more money, but it is the toughest job at UPS.

    By the way, OK2 is correct, this is a tough crowd on this board.

    Good luck!
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    I would be happy to trade my preload job to put stickers on boxes for 11.00 an hour
  19. DS

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    We dont has pas yet but I have to agree with the bar code being covered up by some ups employee...its a real pain in the the original poster I suggest staying with ups a year and then put a letter in requesting a mngmt position that correlates to your educacation .Then youll have to learn how to save money through either intimidation,or by being someone that listens to the drivers...I`ve seen a lot come and go ,the best ones used to be package drivers.