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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by P1 Lates, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Just wanted to say hello to fellow FDX'ers out there. 14 year west coast express courier. Lots of people in our station logs into this website but won't admit it. Interesting topics and great feedbacks.

    To MR.FEDEX: Your posts are intrguing and thought provoking, you have a lot of express couriers who wish they could convey their misgivings about this company as you do. Our managers is about as hopeless and incompetant as any other.

    Things going on right now, time card accuracy, gap time, VIR completeness and even wearing the right color socks and black shoes. Everythings a hot issue, thats their favorite line. Our take? Nit pick everthing you can and ensure that everything any courier does will be gone over with a microscope. Just not a fun enviroment coming to work as years past.
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    So true on the nit picking, hot issue at my station now is wait two minutes for time card to print, not three, punch out after two or OLCC. WTF! If we just punched a clock like the rest of the hourlies in the world, we wouldn't have to wait to sign TWO timecards per day!


    The trick is to do what they tell you to do for a few days and then go back to what you were doing before. Been doing it for almost 15 years and I still manage to stay under the
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    Thanks for the kind words, and for posting. Tell your fellow employees to please get on here and say what they think. It's anonymous, and participation is always good. There's a huge "under the radar" presence out there of extremely unhappy Express employees, and it's a resource that needs to be tapped. As long as we don't fight back, they win, and right now, they are winning. Don't falsify, don't speed, and do everything by the rules, which is the best way to tell Fred to "stick-it' right now. If everybody just worked according to the rules, management would be forced to relent and back away from the current Iron Maiden philosophy of management. You can fight them using their own stupid system. The key is to be consistent, research policy, and turn their own idiotic policies against them.
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    Glad to have you on board P1 Lates.

    All this micromanaging you speak of has completely ruined FedEx. And it's been getting worse over the years too. It's hard to imagine it getting any worse but Fred always finds ways.

    I'd really be surprised if this company is still functioning 10 years from now. The upper management is getting closer and closer to the self-destruct button.
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    You're one million percent correct.
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    Welcome to the forum, P1 Lates. Although, Its been almost 2 months since I handed management my badge, I still miss the employees. Like I have stated before- FedEx has a great front-line workforce. However, if the front-line is continually treated as they are- well as a courier friend of mine once stated "they don't deserve great employees, they don't deserve you". I too agree.
    It is because of people like MR.FEDEX and many others- I found encouragement and the motivation to make a move, to get out.
    Where I was at- I finally concluded that I could not win-
    I did the best I could as an honorable person/ employee. Yet, it was in vein, to my dismay.
    I am much x 100 more happier now.
    I do wish you the best-