New PreLoader Questions



I just started (today)as a pre-loader here in a New England state.

During orientation I was told I was permanent and signed the union papers.
We were told we may get laid off for a week in Jan., but would be called back?
I would like to stay on, has anyone been in a similar situation or have any info to pass on?

my first job was unloading trailers. does UPS move people around in the facility?
should I shoot for something else in the facility? (i am sure they are all tough,, will
one position give me a better shot at becoming a driver?)



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What you do will not increase your chance. But unloading you may not last as long as someone that does an easier job. Try to get an easier job like sorting, irregs, scanning.

Loading exp will help more once you are a driver. Though by the time you can drive you'd probably have exp in every job.


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If you don't want to be laid off come Jan 1, pray for snow. Lots of it. It is JMHO that the workers who live far away have no problem getting to work, yet those that live close by can never seem to make it.
Since you just started, they will put you where they need you, and that is never an easy job. The way of it all is that UPS needs bodies currently & will keep you on as long as you show them that you are willing to keep performing at 110 % or better.
The next few weeks can be brutal, so hang tough. As for moving on to another job talk to your supervisor, tell her/him that you are eager to learn the business ( never ask for something easier ) and that hard work is your middle name. Over time you will see just where the easy jobs are & slowly move yourself towards one.


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Are you in a hub or a local sort? If you don't know the difference, here is an explanation I posted in another thread:

"In case you don't know, these are the main differences between the two. A hub transfers stuff from trailer to trailer, train to trailer, trailer to train, or to and from aircraft if it's an air hub. Packages are sorted as they are transferred, and if not sorting in some way you are generally loading or unloading trailers or whatever. Local sorts, on the other hand, are specifically for local package delivery. The preload shift involves receiving trailers from hubs, sorting the contents, and loading them onto the package cars. Reload is preload in reverse; stuff comes off the package cars (and some local trailers) and is loaded onto trailers which are sent to hubs. However, there are preload and reload operations like this at hubs, but hubs are open 24 hours while local sorts usually only have those two shifts. Also, hubs are obviously much larger than the local sorts."

Anyway, if you're at a hub, there will be more job opportunities available...however, as it was said, expect to be doing something hard, most likely unloading trailers, sorting in the primary (where the trailers unload), or loading.

As for your question, you are a temporary hire, no matter what bs they might feed you. ANYONE, hired from Oct. 1st-Jan. 1st is a temp hire. You do sign union papers and pay dues, but that's standard. If you work hard, show up on time, and don't make the same mistakes over and over again, there is a good chance they will rehire you in January. Yes, as a temp. you will technically be fired come December 24th or so, and if they want you back they will rehire you sometime shortly after January 1st. Then you will be "permanent," provided you aren't let go during your probationary period (first 90 days of work I believe). Don't worry about that happening though, it generally is pretty hard to get fired if they rehire you...again, it will only happen if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again (such as misloads), or are chronically absent/tardy. Obviously you would get canned for stealing, but that goes without saying. When I first worked for UPS, I was hired early-mid October, let go at the end of peak season (December 23rd that year), and rehired in January.

As it was said though, if rehired don't expect an easy job. They'll probably have you doing the same job(s) they have you doing now. I say job(s) because oftentimes they like to move new hires around a little bit to give them a taste of the different jobs...well, at least unloading/sorting versus loading. You still probably won't get a taste of the easy jobs though. Easy jobs are generally earned at UPS, not given away.

In any case, just remember a few things:

*Be on time.
*Work hard, but work's not worth it to be unsafe
*Don't be afraid to ask questions...ever. Especially of your co-workers.
*It will take some time to get used to the job, just give it time and you will get better at it. Don't get discouraged, and learn from your mistakes.
*Keep hydrated, and bring water with you. You will sweat, even in winter in the NE. It's better to drink too much than to not drink enough and pass out or something.

As long as you put forth your best effort I'm sure you'll do well. Good luck!


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make yourself look good.. might require some ass kissing..

I've almost been at UPS for a month now and so far I arrive at work about an hour or 30 min early. And the areas I've worked in was sorting from the stuff that comes from the feeders and data Acquisition and now I'm doing pickoff my preload manger told me she heard I was doing a good job and the sup. said the same as well.