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    I am about to start driving for UPS freight as a Road Driver. I was a Road driver with FedEx Freight for 9 years so I know that side of it. There is actually a lot of similarities between the two companies. How is it driving for a union carrier? How long does it take for a driver to hit top pay (3 for FedEx)? Is the mileage pay different for day cab meet and turns vs team runs? What I'll be on the Xtra board when I start. I'm in Texas, will I have plenty of runs or will I starve to death. I was told on sleeper runs we will go to a terminal and come back but could stay out longer if the home TM approves it. How true is that. Thanks for any response.

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  2. Welcome to the brown Cafe! I dont think that,their are too many freight guys on this forum. Hope you find your answer, sorry I can't be more helpful