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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by UPS_Holy Diver, May 6, 2014.

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    Hello folks, just wanted to give a shout out. I am new and almost done with my probation period as a loader. Not sure what to do as a career yet I would not mind being a driver,but that takes time. But this still beats being unemployed and not getting a paycheck. Hopefully I get this real estate position sometime this summer. I can have two jobs which is great. Then again summer working as a loader within itself is another challenge!
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    Good luck out there.
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    Hope it all works out for you. Management will approach you fairly soon and tell you you are supervision material, just don't be a supervisor. That is my one piece of advice, if you need anymore find some guys who have been there a while and figure out how to play the UPS game.
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    Yeah before getting the loader position I was employed by UPS as a driver's helper this past holiday season and worked with at least 4 different drivers. On my last day one of the drivers told me I should give UPS a try and become a package handler if all else fails. Lastly he told me if I were to work there long enough do not ever leave the union for a supervisor position and that they will treat you like crap with no protection from the union.

    Also this last week my supervisor who is a good guy told me for a new loader a lot of the other colored belts sups were trying to fight over me ( not trying to brag here just his words) and then told me if I kept this up I could a part time supervisor sooner then usual. I tend to be one of the last ones to leave my shift since I want to make more money and get overtime.

    With that said Thanks!
  5. greengrenades

    greengrenades To be the man, you gotta beat the man.

    That is just some garbage they try to put into your head. Pass on it, put your time in and go driving, make a :censored2: ton of money, work like a dog, put more time in and then go to feeders, make even more money, and then retire. Don't listen to any managements bull:censored2:, they all will try to get over on you anyway they can, and will throw you under the bus as soon as they can. But right now just load/unload them trailers, and ride it out.