New uniforms?


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Man, an updated uniform would be outstanding. I don't have too many complaints about stuff as we all know we're going to be boned daily by either too much bulk, too many stops, too small of a truck or whatever else. Wearing this polyester garbage in 100+ degrees is just awful.

Hopefully they roll the uniforms out in the South first during winter so we can get all the shorts/shirts filled, then do the same up North as temps start to warm up. But knowing this company, we'll all have a single pair we're expected to wear every day for a month or two before the rest of the uniform shows up.


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So is it rumor? Or do we actually get newly designed updated uni's? Even heard under armour compression tops and cargo shorts similar to fed ex.
They posted a PR pic in the fall. Nothing as nice as you’re saying but new uniforms. Would have thought we’d see them by now.


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Yeah we aren’t even allowed to order new uniforms right now. Only new hires and people coming off disability are allowed.


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I’m writing her up. No ups socks visible.

Sure she does.

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