New US Political Party: DemoCons

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 24, 2008.

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    More discussion at the same meeting:

    Kanjorski Town Meeting 9
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    “Now anybody who is a good student of government would know that wasn't true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts -- and people ate it up."

    One of the most honest things I've heard from a politician in some time.
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    "Bush won both elections fair and square":rofl:
    The fate awaiting Rep. Kanjorski himself once his fellow Congressional Democrats find out what secrets he has been publicly admitting.

    After all, there is another election coming up in a mere five-plus months -- and they not only need the issue of their continued (purported) attempts to stop the war in order to gain support, but they need the votes of those same poor, poor students of government, who will believe every one of those stretched facts and, in the words of Mr. Kajorski, "eat up" what the Democrats had hoped to offer under the guise of something that was still attainable under a their Congressional (and presidential) leadership.

    Now, thanks to Mr. Kanjorski, that cat is out of the bag. He had better hope that those poor students of government in his district are equally poor watchers of YouTube and followers of the news.
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    WOW D, you sure took that well!

    Seriously, you do raise a good point that Kanjorski will surely feel the heat. Ask Kuchinich what happened to him when Pelosi and Reed paid him a visit to force him to play party ball and he refused! Strong democratic congressional challenge that utlimately forced him home to Ohio. Kucinich was on more principled ground mind you but he felt the pain and so will Kanjorski but unlike Kucinich, Kanjorski will bow to God Pelosi and God Reid and all will be forgiven as Kanjorski scarifices himself by claiming he misspoke and was talking about himself and not the wider party. Hillary's selected memory process! LOL!

    In truth, Kanjorski isn't so much telling us about the evil, aweful democrat party, although it did provide a means of my play on words in the thread title, but I think he is a real vision of the overall truth of the Congress in relation to both parties. The republicans as well have their own shadows to hide and those who call them out are equally if not moreso attacked.

    I got home Friday night from work just in time to watch the World of Outlaws feature from Charlotte (I'm a dirt junkie) but then afterwards caught the Liberterian Convention speech by the infamous Richard Viguerie of Reagan era fame who was a force in the rise of conservative political power to bare in American politics. Over the last several years Viguerie like many other Reagan era republicans (Craig Roberts being another) have been vastly outspoken over the party direction (and savagely attacked for it too) via/from the Trotskite converts known as Neo-Conservative. William Safire was on the Book Guys radio show recently (5/6/08) and spoke about the Neo-Conservatives and his comments are most enlighting for the average political novice on this issue or in other words, a lot of well intentioned, well meaning republicans who consider themselves conservative.

    As for Viguerie, his speech to the LP was excellent and it was refreshing to hear the tone and beliefs that harken back to the real Reagan era message, not from 1980' but rather from 1976'.

    The text of his speech:

    I'll admit when I find these democrat jewels like Kanjorski I love throwing them back in your (really all democrat party loyalist) face so to speak BUT I also believe that these incidents are nothing in comparison to some of the very things that Viguerie pointed out in his speech in how elected republicans who ran on conservative principles instead knifed the very people in the back who voted for them because of those principles.

    I'll admit this example is vastly extreme but at the same time IMHO is does show the level of how bad the betrayal. It's one thing to have an all out Satan worshipper (democrat) who at every turn espouses the belief and ideals of "the dark side" and it's just to condemn him/her and those who back such person. However, the far greater sin is to have a rightous preacher of the Good Book (republican so-called conservative)who at every turn preaches the good news but in truth his fruit and his hidden actions turns out to show him a much bigger Satan worshipper that his public adversary.

    Republicans keep telling us that democrats will raise taxes but the sad truth is, republicans did everything to create a scenario in which the democrats can justify those tax increases to the American people in order to pay for the "huge" tab at the strip club created by the republicans. How would those same democrats have looked to the American people had the republicans came into office, cut the size of gov't as they claimed they would, balanced the budget as they claimed they would, pay down the national debt as they claimed they would and thus from these actions I'd bet we'd have economic boom like nobody's busy and with the money supply not so inflated from gov't borrowing, the price of gas would be way down as well. How could any democrat politician justify a tax increase in an environment as I just described? If he tried he'd get scorned and scolded faster by the American voter than most Neo-Cons attacked Ron Paul for his comments on 9/11. A democrat tax increase would have as much a chance as a self administered handjob by a guy loaded up on Viagra and a million dollar giftcard at the Mustang Ranch! Now that's LLLooonngggg ODDS!

    Most Americans now are excepted of the fact that tax increases are an inevitable as no one (democrat or republican) will cut gov't so the Tax Increasing Boogeyman arguemnt if falling on deaf ears and given a choice between cutting gov't or tax increase, with his history, what do you think McCain will do when his back is to the wall? That hand on your arse wasn't someone copping a feel but rather Uncle Mac taking a pinch from your wallet! And you got no kiss with is either.

    As I said and The Who put so well in the iconic song "Won't Get Fooled Again"

    "Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss!"

    Sad part is, we can't say the song title applies to us as we've yet to admit we've been fooled in the first place.