New Year's Toast


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Here’s to the outgoing year, 2006: May the good times live on in our memories, and may we learn lessons from the troubling times that will make us stronger and better than ever.

Here’s to 2007: For each and every one of you, may it be filled with significant steps toward the fulfillment of your fondest wishes.

In this coming new year, let us focus on our goals and work toward our dreams, and yet let’s all try to go with the flow a little more and stress a little less.

And most important, here’s to all of you. Appreciate yourselves and each other in the new year as I appreciate all of you now. Let’s focus on each other’s good points and choose to overlook minor annoyances to create mutual happiness and contentment in 2007.

Here’s to 2007! Enjoy the journey!


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The New Year...2007

The New Year lies before you...Like a spotless tract of snow...

Be careful how you tread on it... For every mark will show.