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    hello all,

    I got so excited when I learned about this forum. I have found UPS hard to deal with for a while, perhaps you guys can help me with a simple question.

    I have about 850 lbs of computer serves to ship. I don't have a pallet, or any advanced freight materials. In the past I have taken this sort of thing to the UPS Hub in Hamilton, NJ. That was awesome, they took all the stuff in No Problem. This equipment is in NYC and I'd like to find a hub nearby. The question is: is there a real UPS Hub in NYC that can receive my equipment (not boxed yet) and deal with it from there? The buying is paying the shipping/packaging costs, but the cost to have UPS Store (the formal retail outlet) deal with it is crazy. Any ideas?

    Thanks All, Andrew
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    I think your best bet is going to be the UPS Store.
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    Try searching UPS's website for locations in New York City that are close to where your servers are located. There are also Staples locations in New York that can pack and ship and I saw other locations too that you can try also.