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  1. smithbmx

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    what are the 8 keys to lifting and lowering and the 5 keys to slips and falls
  2. BROWN430

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    1get close 2 position feet 3 bend at knees 4 test weight 5 firm grasp on opp. corners 6lift smooth steady motion 7 pivot don't twist 8 use lift aids if you have to. SLIPS AND FALLS 1 stay of belts and chutes 2 firm footing 3 walk don't run 4 make adjustments based on weather 5 keep eyes ahead of work
  3. DS

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    you can never go wrong starting in A minor,take off the first finger and move in 8 steps to a g, ,b sharp,b,a,to an f then a g chord
    you are playing while my guitar gently weeps
    you can slip in other notes and fall back on the originals.
    dont fear the reaper is a great practice song
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    WOW All I can say is wow ...... lol