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    By the way, my opinion is that they all think we make A LOT of money at UPS. Not all of us are Full-time. With all the Changes to our insurance and with 4 children and low hours 15-19/week i won't make enough to cover Doctor/Dentist bills with all the new "higher every year" Deductibles/Co-Pays etc. I only work at UPS for the GREAt insurance for my family and I. Anyway, Here is the story........

    ATLANTA (AP) — United Parcel Service Co. employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have approved a nationwide five-year labor contract, but local side agreements were defeated and must be renegotiated.A union summary of the agreement indicated that the national contract included substantial pay raises while protecting paid health insurance premiums.
    The contract covers about 235,000 full-time and part-time U.S. employees at the package-delivery company including drivers, loaders and other workers. It will replace a contract that expires July 31.
    The union said Wednesday that the national master contract was ratified by a vote of 34,307 to 30,202, or a 53.2 percent approval rate.
    However, employees in the UPS Freight division rejected a five-year offer, 4,244 to 1,897, and 17 local supplemental agreements and riders were defeated, according to the union. In a written statement, the Teamsters blamed those defeats on a provision that would move 140,000 workers from a UPS-sponsored health insurance plan into one that would be jointly administered by the company and the union.
    Critics of the proposed TEAMcare health plan said that it would provide inferior benefits and cause employees to pay higher deductibles and co-payments than they pay now under the UPS plan. The union said the change was a response to a UPS proposal to cut health benefits.
    UPS said that it is committed to quickly settling unresolved issues in UPS Freight and with the supplemental agreements. The company said negotiations on side agreements were normal and that it is confident of reaching settlements.
    "It will be business as usual while UPS and the (Teamsters) resolve remaining issues and Teamster-represented employees ratify new agreements," said John McDevitt, the Atlanta-based company's senior vice president of labor relations.
    According to the Teamsters summary of the contract, starting pay for full-time workers will rise to $18.75 an hour from $16.10 an hour. It said that based on a 46-hour work week, the national contract will raise a full-time driver's pay by more than $25,000 over five years.:angry::biting:
    The union also said that workers will continue to receive health insurance without paying for the premiums, and premium increases for retired workers will be capped.
    UPS shares rose 70 cents to close at $86.42 amid a broad market rally.
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    I love how the TDU scumbags call other locals flip-floppers, yet never mention the biggest 2 from local 89 and 804. Bias?
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    With starting pay going up for ft employees, does that include bumps to 2nd year progression? I'm assuming it doesn't. Kind of blows having to work 3 years with no raise.
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    All I can say about Teamcare is this: be prepared to declare bankruptcy if you have a major illness in
    your family. They can (and will) refuse to pay for anything that they do not want to pay. Also, they flaunt that they are a "health and welfare fund" and "exempt from all laws, rules and regulations" for insurance companies.
    In Florida, all well baby shots are covered BY LAW. Teamcare REFUSES to pay for them and they get by with it.

    All emergency room visits are covered at 100%. Bullcrap- I just had one of those and it cost me over $400.00 JUST TO THE E.R.


    Teamcare REFUSES to pay for these.
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    Oh Please don't tell me this. I am terrified of this TeamCare. Our Stewards do nothing to inform us of what is going on in our plant. I did my own research But most of the young kids who work in our building have no Idea....
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    FTers here are in what will be branded as TEAMCARE - none have anything negative to say about it. Do yourself a favor and stop reading the propaganda B.S. spread on forums like these and enjoy your raise alongside continued "free" insurance. You'll still pay less out-of-pocket than you did before 2008 when it was traditional...
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    FTers at my Plant do have a problem with it. They don't like it at all. Higher every year Deductibles, higher co-pays, and a lower % paid for Doctor bills will hurt my family. I have 4 children that are forever getting sick or hurt.
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    Co-pays and "% paid for doctor bills" remain virtually unchanged, except in a few instances -- and if you pick/choose carefully, you can avoid the higher fees. Ultimately, it will cost you less out of pocket than it did prior to 2008. You're also getting $3.90 in raises over the next 5 years. Even adjusting for the higher insurance costs (much of which can be controlled), you're still earning effective raises well above the rate of inflation.
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    The report I read was I guess different then what you read then. There is a lot of change from what we have now. I joined in 2010, so 2008 means nothing to me... And if Some one is Sick/hurt why would I want to Pick/Choose Carefully? Also I hear there is a lot Teamcare refuses to pay Example: Well child Shots. If my child needs something that is doctor prescribed , I don't want to have to fight the Ins company... If team care was so good, it would have passed the 1st time.
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    The national contract did pass. And instead of relying on hearsay, read the current CS benefits yourself - items will only be adjusted down, not up.

    And I don't need to be rude, but if your kid sneezed has classic signs of a cold, etc. he/she doesn't need to be going to the E.R. or doctor. You choosing to take him/her there ultimately causes me -- somebody's who responsible -- to pay more for my health care. Thus, I agree with escalators that are being implemented.

    Like I said, the current PPO was a bone to get us to move away from the traditional health insurance; UPS didn't offer it to us again. Management currently pays $70/week (or more) for similar insurance. We may be paying a few hundred more bucks, but it's still "free."
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    Because money is an issue and you may not be able to afford the best of the best of the best in any given medical field?
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    So after reading some other threads, your just an ass to everyone. So I'm not going to respond to the above statement. Have a great rest of your life!!!
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    I would just like to be the :censored2: that points out that by telling him you weren't going to respond to his statement, you did indeed respond to his statement.

    You're living an oxymoron, bro.
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    Do yourself a favor and ignore everyone's OPINIONS. Do the research for yourself. It amazes me how uninformed a lot of drivers are. They take rumors as fact and use it to stir the pot.
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    Teamcare sounds like it sucks but does depends on what your old insurance was like. Nobody can get a clear answer of exact details which aren't the same for everyone either.
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    The last proposal wasn't the worst insurance but it was a step back from what we had. Higher co-pay/deductible/ covered less. Hopefully the next offer is slightly better which I think would be fair.
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    I am not one to quibble about one's opinion but $400. is a lot different then $0.00(free)
    ​if it is free to you, may I have $400.00
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    ​I hate that.
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    It is free. There's a difference between co-premiums and deductibles. The average American pays $4300 toward co-premiums for family insurance and an additional $1000 in family deductibles. You don't pay the deductible unless you use your insurance to that extent.