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    My long standing prediction has been that Price was hired to take over from Abney, and that Gutmann, Peretz and Perez would be gone. Gutmann's responsibilities have alreads started shifting over to Kevin Warren and Peretz will be gone at year end. I would expect Perez to be replaced by another outside hire at some point. There's a large pile of IS chit that will need to be cleaned up that has accumulated over decades. An insider isn't going to get it done. A symptom of having a string of Accounting people running IS for 30 years - Erbrick, Lacy, Barnes.
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    Perez being on the block wouldn't be surprising; rumor is he is Abney's punching bag at staff meetings.
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    Those must hurt. He looks pretty stout. Lol.
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    I’m not sure “stout” is the right word. Pudgy maybe? Definitely plenty of very soft tissue.
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