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    Considering everything that has been happening company wide involving union and non union employees, I have this feeling that the union employees will have the battle of a lifetime just trying to keep the things that we have now. I can only imagine what the big guy has planned for the bargaining table for 2013. Enjoy the next three years, because who knows whats going to go down after that. Just a thought.
  2. Baba gounj

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    if you use this current contract as your guide expect to be giving up more for way less in return.
  3. PT Stewie

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    Benefits-Benefits- Benefits
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    I will give up raises for benefits. I agree. The next contract could be a tough one. The only thing I am looking forward may be my last.:happy-very:
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    as far as i am concerned,i will not take anything less or one inch backward on the future contract.i have worked hard for 27 years in this company and the last few years feel like i have been in an aisian child labor shoe factory forced to work in the dark and fed dung like a mushroom.i hear the sad stories from management every week before we leave the building to carry this company on our backs and legs of how we must reduce our time,increase our efforts,do more,give more,etc.then i watch those same managers head out to breakfast,then to lunch,then home early.sometimes they put 2 hours of conference calls/paper-computer work in.then i hear of profits,ceo salaries,etc,and i have to say i my self will never vote for anything less than we already have.imo the biggest cost cutting measures should be in upper level managment.
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    absolutely benefits are the most important thing.
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    Mine too!
  8. PT Stewie

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  9. Jones

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    I want more paid time off, but I don't see it happening. This next one should be my last one.

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    I agree.
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    The kids of ths company, I mean the single people without kids look for money, while the married employees are worried about medical benefits and the senior employees that can smell retirement are worried about that. 3 basic gropus within UPS and each one of them have their own priority, I too would take a freeze in pay to save my current benefits. And anyone that disagrees, just go sit at your pharmacy store for a couple hours and see how much people pay for prescriptions.
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    Pay freeze to keep benefits? I understand where you guys are coming from...but it is much easier to say that, when you're already making thirty plus dollars an hour.

    If there were a pay freeze on the table I wouldn't be surprised if the part timers finally got motivated and killed the contract. I know I would work with every part timer in Local 243 to help make that happen. If it still passed, I think you would see a mass exodus of any young, hard working, part time employee still left. You'll be left with the sick,old, trapped (due to family illness/children) and unqualified to do anything else type of employees.

    Just my two cents.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Those of us who are saying that we would prefer a wage freeze over paying for our benefits are full timers and, yes, it is easier to say that as FTers then it would be as PTers. I would hope that PTers would not have to pay for their benefits as doing so would leave little or no incentive to work there.

    Healthcare will be a major part of our next contract.
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    I agree upstate, health care will be crucial in the next contract.

    I just think that once precedent is set with a part time wage freeze,raises for part timers will disappear forever, just like the good starting wages for PT did in 1982.
  15. brown bomber

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    according to the presidents precedent, this shouldn't be an issue.........we should all have coverage?????????
  16. fxdwg

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    Domestic volume is way down with no (real) hope of our premium products recovering.
    Other companies beating us on the shipping costs. Who really cares about guarentees when your own small biz is bleeding red?
    The Obama plan will only drive up costs as everyone with a headache will end up in the ER.
    The Teamsters need to thin k this one out carefully and work towards a win-win agreement. The company will ALWAYS look to minimize their overhead and maximize their position for shareholders, etc.
    A bitter, brutal, customer-based battle, and ultimately a lose-lose scenario has not worked in the past.
    It HAS TO BE a give and take. I don't know how; I don't have a plan to suggest....I just know that it has to be this way.
    I think we're basically talking about survival for all UPSers, not just Management & Labor.
    Maybe a different model is needed whereby a third party is hired to "decide" what is fair and equitable given the current conditions at the time of the contract.
    Heck, I don't know. I am just giving my opinion.
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    Let's not give up and throw in the towel just yet. Contract is not until 2013. Stick together and don't even discuss giving away $$$ and benefits. Man up!
  18. UnsurePost

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    I think you are delusional. With Hoffa in charge and the economy in the tank, the last best and final offer will be no better than '97s disaster.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Being realistic and giving up are two different things.
  20. ja4079

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    This is my last contract, I have my 30 in and going out just before the 2013 contract starts.