Nma great bargain..for who?

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    Being new to this forum i have learned a lot some helpful and some very discouraging. To the critisism of all i say all is lost and union members my best advice would probably suggest you start withdrawing membership from youre collective locals.​

    Here's a list of points that probably would have went over better:​

    1. Go ahead and let supervisors work and when there caught we'll pay them double-time out of our pockets.​

    2. Forget our pensions let's give that back to UPS for investment into smart hubs and technology to replace all of us.​

    3. Wages... lets freeze all of them until our jobs are phased out and the increases we have coming until 2013 lets donate them to the United Way.​

    4. Insurance... youre kidding right? Go get medicare!​

    5.Seniority... none machines our doing our jobs now!​

    Maybe if i would have came with this attitude i would have been cheered instead of booooed of the stage!?!​

    Im done in this forum i have truely discovered there is no hope and most are thankful for what little we recieve and record givebacks gone unchecked.Its sad that this is veiwed as par for the course and accepted across the board. Good luck to all and instead of using the power of the word or the pen here i'd probably be better off typing up my intent for supervision letter.​
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    High 5 everyone!
    another nutjob gone, another days work done

    good job everyone!
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    I don't understand your post. Is this a cry for help or attention?
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    So what are you saying? You dislike our contract?
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    I love it Bmonster i mean a .20 less a yr average on wages. Creation of new full-time jobs halted. F/T driver progression made longer am i forgetting any else of the perks?
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    what is "alse"?
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    It just hit me you know what would change everything? Lets elect President Bush new teamster president when he's done at the whitehouse after his stellar run there. Ingenious? I bet the majority would take a bite of that apple!
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    I thought you were leaving? dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya
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    good luck. this guy couldn't even show when the contract talks were raging he is way late. But he will lead the way if you follow.

    He is crying for help . Lets all give him a big hug.:surprised:
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    I have a job and make over 23/hr with benefits and pension contributions without even falling back on college education, certifications or anything else in the resume. Plus, UPS isn't going anywhere, and I'm pretty good at my job, so it looks like I have job security. Maybe I shuold just quit pull the union card and let someone else have this POS gig so I can join a smug smaller business where I might lose my job in 6 months and rinse/repeat for the next 5 years.
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    My wages keep going up. Progression was 2 years in 1989 and 3 now. Big deal. Full time jobs halted. Wait for driving job like everyone else the last 100 years. Come back and see us in about 4 years and 11 months.
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    Tie, I think I feel a "Call to Arms" thread coming.