NMB denies IBT request to be released

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    The NMB has denied IBT Local 2727 request to be released from contract negotiations with UPS. This dispute is over health care, pay, retro, and subcontracting. Norman Black said UPS officials were pleased with the NMB's decision and hopes the RLA of 1929 keeps these talks stalled. This latest setback will mean that more talks will be schelduled and hopefully UPS can have everyone paying for health care by 2013, so I would pay close attention. Please contact your steward or go to IBTss website for info on strike information.
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    UPS drags out negotiations with Local 2727 for years, yet it was so important that our Contract be wraped up ASAP that they even wiped out over seven months of our then-existing Contract, just to finalize our new Contract early.
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    Other than the stewards I talked to, still looking for someone who voted yes. Do you know anyone?
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    The Teamsters Union is "technically" a membership organization, but in reality it is a hollow organization, run mostly by a nationwide insider group of officers and stewards. On those rare occasions when contracts are voted on, information and discussion is kept to a minimum, and the officers usually endorse the Contract unanimously and pressure all stewards to follow suit. The Contract is deliberately negotiated so it has just enough sweeteners to satisfy the (high-seniority) stewards and those who are close to the stewards and influenced by them. Most Contract criticisms and shortcomings are never heard, except where TDU has a presence. The vote is often rushed, and the Company makes it seem like a "No" vote is a vote to STRIKE!!! and destroy out livelihood. Some people are ineligible to vote, and many others are turned off. Only a small percent of the whole bargaining unit actually votes, and many of the "Yes" votes are probably stewards, alternates, and friends thereof.

    Richard Milhous Nixon won by the biggest landslide in history, but after Watergate, it was hard to find anyone who would admit to voting for him.
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    That is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard. First of all all the contract language was released to ever Teamster member for them to look at long before the vote was ever done. In fact our local had two special meetings(open to all members)to specifically go over every bit of new language proposed, discuss its affects and answer any and all questions about it to make sure all who were interested knew exactly what they were getting. Secondly, Stewards would be a vvery small percenrage of the overall workforce at UPS, there is no possible way they would have enough votes to passs anything on their own. Thirdly, we held a large campain to get as many members as possible to get out and vote and be informed as to what you are voting for. Lastly, the local leadership gave its opinion on the proposal and suggested everyone form their own opinions based on their knowledge of the language proposals. If you want to bash the Teamsters Union, please use some facts not your b/s rhetoric.