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    Their is a crazy worker, at my station. This crazy worker gets away with all kinds of stuff. Hide's worker's personal time card, creates own start time, complains to mangement about literally everything during the operation, who was doing what and why are they doing that. Fabricates stories about being harressed the being threatened, in an attempt to get other workers fired that the crazy does'nt like. The station mangement is afraid of the worker and does nothing to stop this pattern of craziness. Sometimes worker this person just drives you insane. You have to be careful what say and what you do, or else the crazy worker may interpet it as a form of harressment or threat. Every week this worker calls the UPS help line complaining about real stupid stuff. The best part is this worker does'nt even work, all the worker does is complain to managment. It's like the crazy worker is a parasite who is living inside of you and eating away at you from inside while you are still alive. Station Mangement knows this worker is trouble, and choses to do nothing about. There are some workers who want to call the region manager or president and tell this person, this station is messed up. Just becuase station management does'nt do anything to fix the problem.

    Some people equate working at this station is the closest you can get, to being admitted into an insane asylum. It's is just so crazy the amount of stuff this crazy worker gets away while everyone else when they mess up they are held accountable.
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    I'm betting every hub and center has one of these. Ignore and concentrate on your own good work. If you keep your mouth shut you cannot be accused of harassment. Don't even talk ABOUT him/her. Keep your tit out of the wringer.

    Confidence in management? Forget that and have confidence in yourself.
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    That is why I say hello to everyone! So when that person goes off I am safe:happy2:
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    Welcome to UPS. As you may have noticed, 90% of UPS'ers are very down to earth and "teamates" who want work together. 5% are slackers, or insubordinate. Then 5% are psychopaths who are maladaptive, attention-seeking, labile etc etc.

    The main thing in dealing with these people is understanding they will never be ok without professional help.

    Firstly I would write a letter to your District Manager and also send a copy to Corporate HR documenting that this person is indeed a major negative to the shift and is disruptive and unstable.

    Secondly in dealing with this type of person you want to be very insensitive and unwilling to give them what they want. Make sure they know that you won't listen, will not give anything and won't even make eye contact. This usually nips any communication in the bud immediately. Since you won't give them any attention, they will move onto a new host that will fufill this need. Think of it like drugs and a drug addict - if they can't find heroin from you once, and you make clear it ain't happining ever - you know they won;'t waste their time again.

    Anyway could go on and on , but hopefully soem of these tips help relieve the troubles caused by this troubled person! Good luck!
  5. If you know something is wrong, and choose not to do anything about it, you become an active participant it making it worse.
  6. What's a station manager??
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    that is true, but all management persons should be watching out for potential issues that could escalate into violence harrassment or anything else
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    The person in charge of the entire overall operation in your area.

    Are you new to UPS?
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    LOL, maybe at your gateway. But here the crazy worker runs the show. Crazy worker now brings in a small note book and writes down everything. That crazy worker feels is wrong with the operation. From who drives a tug that is not assigned to the driver. This incident just happened a few months ago. Crazy worker complained about another worker who has less senority then Crazy who worked 20 minutes more then Crazy. The other worker is certified to a job, which Crazy worker can't do. Now, our contract stats if you want extra hours you have to certified in job that help is needed.

    Crazy worker makes about 17.00 per hour. That is roughly .283 cents per minute. Crazy worker was upset becuase another worker made $5.66 more then Crazy in one day. If crazy can get all upset over $5.66. Crazy knows Crazy is'nt certified to what the other worker did that day. But that is not good enough for Crazy. How messed up in the mind you must be, if you're complaining about $5.66 and you know you can't do that job.

  10. No I am not, but I have a center manager not a station manager.
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    Maybe they are turning certain centers or hubs into radio stations that need station managers instead of center managers to help spew ups crap about how we all suck, are the "least best" employees, etc. Who knows, we could all be DJ's someday! LOL:happy-very:
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    Only FedX has station managers in the transportation industry!
  13. Yeah this guy sounds like a troll. My 5 year old nephew is more eloquent then that guy.
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    BLLARGHH!!!!!! beware of crazy worker....he works in mysterious ways.....make sure to close your bulkhead doors....and make sure to check your mirros ....Because you never know when the crazy worker could be there!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 'woman screams and faints'
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    What do call the mangers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and etc. These locations are not attached to the 48 continental states. Therefore these isolated locations are referred to as stations in the industry. :happy-very:
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    actually alaska is a division all its own, puerto rico is part of the americas guam is part of the south pacific div......UPS has no technical "stations"
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    I agree. Fedex has "station managers," not UPS. God I hope that looney doesn't work for UPS.
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    So who has Ice Station Zebra??
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  20. moreluck

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    Ice Station Zebra....a movie from '68 starring Rock Hudson & Ernie Borgnine.