No insurance till 55 when you retire

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    Ok so I keep hearing that if you retire under the new CS plan that you will not get insurance unless you are 55. This question was asked at our local meeting and our BA seemed confused then said no that's not true you will get it at any age after 30 and out but i want to see that in writing! I see in the TA where it mentions the requirement of being 55 for part timers but where is the language that states the coverage requirements for full timers? Also if you retire at 51 and you find insurance until 55 do you get it automatically at 55 or if you retire without it do you never get it? This whole TA stinks!
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    Jeez if it's not in writing vote no!
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    You missed my point, I want to know where it says you have to be 55 so I can shove it in my BAs face. I am voteing no regardless, there is not a single good thing here.
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    ohiobrownman19, I'm with you. I have a similar question posted over on the retirement board---have inquired to both HR and my BA and have gotten non-answers that basically just run a circle around my question. Until I can see it IN WRITING I know not to assume anything. Heck, even in writing I'm still going to doubt the validity of the answer at this point.
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    Do you guys see a trend with the fact that information is so hard to come by with this TA? It's like this TA is a secret and the IBT can't tell anybody about it or it will get ruined.
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    I have read that a member has to be at least 55 years old in order to get CS retirement insurance. You will not be able to retire early and then later pick it up. A member must be enrolled with his regular coverage the month prior to his retirement month and be at least 55 years old (spouse also) in order to transfer over to the retirment coverage. Welcome to Central States!
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    I don't pretend to know your answer but we set up meetings with our Pension Fund managers and ththey answer ththese questions. Maybe a phone call and demand your EBoard have them present after your next meeting to
    answer changes. They also work for you.
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    55 is pretty early retirement.
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    Extremely early retirement unless you have 5 million or more put away.
    I retired from UPS at 58 but I had other jobs lined up.
    The common expected age at retirement is 65 - 70 and only then if you want to.
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    I started at 19, so I don't-didn't-want to retire at 50, but rather change professions. 5 years isn't a lot of time, but I can't convince my knees, shoulders, and elbows that, especially when I have been promising them "hang in there- only 3 more years"
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    It states in the health plan that a person with 30 years can get health coverage at age 50.
    if you retire under the 25 and out you must be 55.
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    my question on the retirement boards and at my local has also gone unanswered. I started here at age 38 so I need just 22 years of service to get peer80. so i'll be over 55 but do you need 25 years of service to qualify for insurance?

    I have asked the Western Conference people and they told me to contact Delta Insurance. Delta told me to contact Western Conference or my Local. My Local told me to contact Delta as they have NEVER heard of this question. They all said that. I guess no-one has ever started at UPS at age 38 before.

    I worked at non-union trucking companies for 15 years before here. BTW my old non-union trucking company is now paying $12 an hr, no sick days, no vacation days, no retirement plan or pension, one week vacation. Most of my friends that I worked with look 10-20 years older than they are and they HAVE-TO work until they are 65.
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    Page 13-14 in Central State plan says that if you have at least 20 years you are eligible
    ​if insurance at age 50.
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    I appreciate your response. now I have to find that section so I can make a copy and send it to my local, delta, and the pension people who have no clue.

    ok page 13-14
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    WOW seems like several different answers..
    Is this because the National is worded crazy, or everyone's answer is different, because of a different supplement????
  16. Monkey Butt

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    ​or the third alternative, "Bunch of BSers on here."


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    Read the contract!...Its says work for UPS for 55 years and they will pay for your healthcare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
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    It's all going to be all right.
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    Not when you've been performing manual labor for so many years wearing your body down to a nub and having metal body parts to replace bones.
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    If hind sight was 20/20 would you ha e been an account????