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    So, UPS gets scroogier and scroogier every year. Last year no turkeys. This year, we're not guaranteed our 8 hours! Why do I know this? Well, me and some drivers were looking at our pay stubs today and noticed we only worked '38.4' or '36' or whatever, under 40 hours. We asked our center manager who replied, 'Well, we gave everyone a code 5 so they could go home early on Christmas eve, so you got paid for the work you did only'... umm... Really? I thought I went home early because EVERY business of mine (commercial driver) closes at 1200 on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve day.

    I asked a union steward about it, who told me he knew but since I was leaving the building I don't know what's to become of it. Essentially, I'm losing 6.5 hours (at least of pay) within 2 weeks because managers can't read... Or they put in the contract books (in crayon likely) 'guaranteed 8 hours of work *in crayon* except on Christmas Eve and New Year Eves day.' I'm livid about this because it's $100+ (after taxes) that I can use to pay off debt and bills! It's money I was counting on!

    If my union does nothing about it (not holding my breath) it just goes to show how spineless and corporate they've become. Instead of looking out after the employees, they'd be looking out for UPS which means it should be the managers paying the dues and not me. Will post if anything comes of this... Gawd, I'm so ticked!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
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    The only person you should be ticked at is yourself. It is up to you to know what is in your contract and to fight for what is in your contract.

    Our center manager asked each of us individually if we wanted to work for hours or if we wanted our 8 hour guarantee on Christmas Eve. Most of us chose to work Code 5 but those who did not were either dispatched with enough work or completed their runs and then washed package cars in order to get their 8 hours in.

    I worked today and went in knowing that it was hours worked. They told us to use 5E for the paycode. I hadn't heard of that one before so will be curious to see my paystub next Thursday.

    You need to take care of yourself and not rely on the union to do it for you.
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    I worked today also. I have never heard of 5E.

    I put in my code as 05 and worked about 7 hours at double time.
  4. cachsux

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    Anytime I leave before 8 hours I`m already aware of what situation it`s under. If I want 8 I don`t walk out the gate look back and tell them I wanted 8. You are the one responsible for knowing what is going on and if it`s not what you want then you are the one to make your wishes known. They could find something for you to do, which you might not like but thats another argument. Don`t come back after the fact and expect the union to straighten it out for you.

    Make sure before you start your day next time.
  5. grgrcr88

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    It is your responsibility to make your intentions known before you leave early. UPS is in this to make money not give it away. If you left early and simply expected to be paid your guarantee without telling anyone you want your guarantee, you are not entitled to it no matter what the union does. I will say your management team should have asked everyone if they wanted the guarantee or would take a pay actual. It seems to me you thought you were going to sneek in 6hrs of free money, You need to take the responsibility to make sure up front how its gonna work. Stop trying to get something for nothing and then claim your week Union did nothing but back the company, afterall you are the Union!!!
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    Here the favorite tactic is to spread rumours about how horriblly overdispatched anyone who requests 8hrs will be etc etc. Out of my 80driver center only a handful requests 8.

    If everyone did they would force less people to work and there is only so much busywork so we could go home about the same time but with 2-3 hours of gurantee.

    I always request 8 becuase the "must take lunch if over 4hours" baloney. Any Day i work i get my 8 period. .
  7. Jones

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    We also have a handful of people who request 8, typically they get to do the drop boxes. This is the first year that we've been told that you have to take a lunch if you work more than 4 hours, I seem to remember that it used be 6 hours. Of course what they actually say is that "you must put a lunch in the board if you work more than 4 hours". Somehow that code5 always ends up taking me 8 hours.... :wink2:
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We weren't told to take a lunch today but I somehow found time for a quick bite.

    Jones, do you have idea what the paycode 5E is?
  9. Jones

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    I do not. To my knowledge we don't use that here, it's either 05 or 06.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Which is what we used to use but today we were told to use 5E.
  11. some1else

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    I remember 5b was my airdriver code...
  12. bumped

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    We use code 5E also. For those putting in code 05 or 06 I'm sure the sups will change that pay code. I sure don't want a code 05, as I probably wouldn't get the double time I should have.
  13. bumped

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    Also 5E for the day after Thanksgiving.
  14. LagunaBrown

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    Whatever you do don't put code 02 in the DIAD... That is just for management folk, ya know the guys that say your route is easy.... lol.
  15. outta hours

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    I love to take an under 8. We have one job that only has 7hrs. in the schedule. WAD after that. Most of the time when I do it and nothing extra needs to be done, I'm outta there. Several mileage jobs are under 8, even though it doesn't matter on them. Love to do those even better. Work 7 paid for 10-11.
  16. Cementups

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    Yeah, I saaw my check was for 39.00 plus OT and was like W T F!!! Then remembered that Christmas Eve was a time worked day. 8 Hours was available if I wanted it but getting home to my family was more important than any money UPS was going to give me.
  17. Mike23

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    NONE (at least the ones I talked to) of the drivers were told about the code 5. center manager claimed he talked to drivers but I would have known if I was. I have no family out here so why would I want off early? It wouldn't make sense for me. At the end of the shift, I paged in, as requested (both days) and was told it was ok to come back to the center. Well, to me, that means the center doesn't have the 8 hours to give me which is why I was under dispatched. It's the first time (that I'm aware of) that they've done this to our center which made all the drivers go 'wtf?!'. If the intentions were known and I was given a choice, I wouldn't be upset. Not given a choice and having it automatically assumed it what has me upset.

    I'm going to talk to the air drivers, see if they got their promised 4 hours. I know if you took an option day (ours had maxed staff yesterday) you got 8 hours pay. Isn't the point of a union to keep everything equal? If you start ignoring the contract, at convenient times, for the employee it's only a matter of time before UPS takes the liberty of ignoring it for us and saying, 'oh, well the precedent was set on Christmas Eve' and the union won't have any leg to stand on.
  18. UnsurePost

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    PT air drivers only have a 3 hour guarantee. Also, we are paid for Fri and Today so why use an option day?
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He was talking about Christmas Eve but I know in my center that would not have been an option.
  20. bumped

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    I wish more drivers in my center wanted 8 hours on Christmas Eve. Then, maybe I wouldn't have to work. If that was an optional day at triple time I still wouldn't work. Christmas Eve is the one day I absolutely hate to work.