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    I've been preloading on a boxline at my center for a little over two months now. Because I'm new, I've been at the end of the belt and had to load all the bulks and irregs into the cages for the rest of the line. A guy towards the end of the line put in his two weeks and I got the option to take over his set. Taking it over and getting away from bulk-loading duty has to be a good call, right? It sounds like his pieces per day aren't much more than mine with way less hassle.
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    Box Avalanche, the problem with your post is that it has absolutely nothing to do with UpstateNYUPSer. Make it about him somehow and you'll get a better response.
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    Like this?
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    If you load less bulk stops, wouldn't that mean that you start loading cars with more stops on them and have the potential for more missorts?