No Teamster Propaganda In My Mailbox...yet

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Attached are some of the documents the Teamsters mailed to me during the 2013 contract negotiations. What a waste of our dues money.

Unfortunately, The UPS company controlled Hoffa/Taylor team is heading down that same path.

Don't waste our money.

If the Teamsters can find validity in mailing out in excess of 15 documents to every Teamster in the country last contract; then they should have found it reasonable to send out at least one survey and questionnaire to every single teamster member. In fact, it was the Teamsters Union's responsibility to do so. The Teamsters are required to negotiate in good faith and have a duty to fairly represent all of us.

The Vocal Minority is not an accurate gauge of what the Teamster UPSers are concerned with. Send out a questionnaire now Mr. Taylor; it's not too late. Mr. Taylor; if you act now you can save $100's of thousands of wasted dues on future Vote Yes propaganda.


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I have only heard of 1 person voting yes at my center, and it’s our freaking shop steward. I told him he should read it first before voting. Smh


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But they told him he might move up the ladder.
Not if Sean and Z get in there... they know who they want to bring on board with them and who are the gamers within the international... going be a lot of ass kissing once Hoffa gtfu and finally retires...Sean and Z have probably already started compiling a list of folks they want to work with..


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Got one today.

It says they want to pay new drivers 6.00 an hour less, work them on weekends and in the building some.

They did address overtime by creating a new class of drivers that have no overtime protection.