Noam Chomsky: The War on Terror

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    Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.
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    Actually exchanged a few letters with Noam Chomsky through one of my professors back in 74 or so ... had to do with Artificial Intelligence and the point of sentient conciousness being that moment when an entity realizes the "I-Though" relationship. I decided theoretical research did not pay very well and stayed with UPS. Probably the right decision economically but I always wondered about that path I did not take.
    Noam is an interesting thinker and really does not get into Democrats vs. Republicans. He sees them both as tools of the US power brokers whose only interest is to create a hegemony in terms of war power and economic power. Basically a big bully as an individual but thinks governments (especially the US) should be pacifists.
    I found it interesting that the author of this article starts out with Reagan while Chomsky's past writings points to Wilson and Truman as the original instigators (especially Truman) and the efforts of presidents from Truman through the Bushes to create a US hegemony.
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    I know from a contemporary POV blaming Wilson, Truman or even TR or Mckinley is often fashionable sport but once you cut through all the mythology, a lot of this stuff started with the founding fathers themselves. Even Jefferson as much as I admire some of him was very guilty in laying the groundwork even as President himself. Once you are willing to take the red/white and blue glasses off, those men even in the earliest of days were very human and often fell prey to their own desires and self interests. It's a very good lesson in life IMO of just how corrupting an influence power really is. Lord Acton was so right in that regard.

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