normal or harrassment????????

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    My husband has worked for UPS for 6 years and is now a swing driver. My father, retired in May after working 33 years with UPS. In the last 3 years, management has switched hands 3 times. In 2 years time, my husband has had 2 workers comp. claims. Immediately after his first claim harrassment started. Threats are made and documented and nothing is done. My husband is NOT afraid of filing a grievance and has even given the 1-800 number out to employees in the union meeting urging the others to complain officially rather than around the center. He hurt his back 3 weeks ago, called in to the center and they did not offer him a ride (as quoted in the master agreement), he had to drive the truck back to the center and then drive himself to the UPS clinic of choice and wait 3 hours to be seen. So that this doesn't get too long, he was fired for "dishonesty" a week later. Not for the workers comp. claim, that was processed, doctor agreed, paid, and as of last week, released and closed. That was valid. They claimed he was dishonest about something else regarding going to the center after his doctors appt. to turn paperwork in at 4:30 pm instead of calling in like he did. WHATEVER! Anyways, he lost at the local panel, they deadlocked and argued for 3 hours. The day before his scheduled hearing 4 hours away from where we live, he gets a phone call from the union steward negotiating for UPS. He can return to work the following day without backpay (2 weeks worth) and he has to tear up and throw away the grievances he turned in 10 min. before he was fired. All eight of them. Sound like a scandal? Turn a bunch of grievances in, get fired, give you your job back, tear them up. Needless to say, I was NOT happy. He took the deal because he had the union telling him he should and he should be thankful that it didn't go any further etc. To me, it made him look like he was admitting to being dishonest, which he wasn't. He returned to work Monday. He was out until 10:30 pm on a run blind. Next day, he was put on a run he has done for as long as 3 months straight because the guy that had been doing it lately was out sick. He has less seniority than my husband I might add. Today, he's on another route blind. He said he wouldn't be off until 11pm. Its like they are laughing and hoping he'll do something that will get him terminated again. Today he said he was ready to quit and find a new job. No jobs pay close to this and I think he's just frustrated. My reaction "don't give into them, don't let them get the best of you, show them you can handle it etc." Do you have any suggestions? Is this normal or is this harrassment and what should I do?
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    Sounds like just normal harrassment. [​IMG]

    Seriously, UPS doesn't like people getting hurt and believes it's always because the driver did something wrong and has now caused UPS a ton of inconvenience and money.

    As for the firing solution, what are you going to do?

    In a perfect world you fight it out to the last principle and you win it all back.

    Unfortunately, in the real world, you can lose it all, even if you are completely in the right, that is how far skewed the NLRB situation has become.

    So, if your husband's situation wasn't catastrophically clear (not in your mind, but in the minds of all those who might be judging the he said, she said stuff) then he made the right move to insure his job continuation.

    In reality, two weeks loss tain't nothing compared to indefinite to permanent lost income.

    The hours sound a tad exaggerated even for the excessive overtime that the company is pushing and the drivers are experiencing.

    I am not trying to sound insulting, but this doesn't include a bar stop to wet his whistle time does it, because 10:30/11:00 can happen, but it is over the top for most situations.

    If he is actually working that late, then either his center is in worse shape than most the rest (that would be saying something) or they are targeting him.

    If he is serious about the quiting thing I would suggest a trip to his own doctor and perhaps a medical recommendation "time off" for mental stress to give him some time to back away from the subject and make decisions about the future with less emotion and more logic.
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    <font color="0000ff">"They claimed he was dishonest about something else regarding going to the center after his doctors appt. to turn paperwork in at 4:30 pm instead of calling in like he did. WHATEVER! "
    </font><font color="000000">Whatever? Well, it makes a difference. If you are going to win at a panel, regardless of which panel OR the reason you are there, "Whatever" isn't going to cut it.
    Here's the bottom line: He was offered a deal and he took it. Stop complaining about a choice HE made.

    I mean no disrespect either, but are you sure he isn't staying out until 11:00pm because he doesn't want to listen to you cackle all night?
    Just wondering.</font>
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    "If he is serious about the quiting thing I would suggest a trip to his own doctor and perhaps a medical recommendation "time off" for mental stress to give him some time to back away from the subject and make decisions about the future with less emotion and more logic"

    Be careful when doing something like this because if you do take time off for this reason UPS can cut-off your insurance,unless you can get covered under disability and good luck getting that.
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    I have found thru personal experience that if you want to lose OT, PRETEND YOU LOVE IT. This works the other way too. UPS, in their efforts to make your job miserable, will give you what they think you hate, and take away what they think you love.

    Offer him a ride? Either he can drive or he can't. If he was in too much pain to drive, HE SHOULDN"T HAVE DROVE!!! I'm starting to think that the best thing we can do for ourselves in a situation like this is pull over and call for an ambulance. That way there is no question. Call the ambulance first, then the center.

    I wouldn't do the mental distress thing. This is normal UPS procedure. They'll get tired of harrasing him and move on to someone else. The best thing he can do is no matter what, KEEP SMILING AT THEM. Nothing will make them move on to someone else more than that!

    Also, the 8 greivances? I would have torn them up in a heartbeat! Plenty of time in this career to submit more!

    Tell hubby to relax, don't quit, IT WILL PASS.
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    What does Dad say???
    He should have some experience in this area after 33 yrs.
    Personally I think if I was put in this position much as I would hate to be, we can all be any day of the week....I would find something else. 6 yrs is a while but its easier to walk away now than after another 10 or 15 would be.
    It does not seem to be getting much better, anywhere.......I can only imagine what peak will be like, although I have never worked til 1030.
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    I`ve seen good drivers that got taken out of service never to return.Your fate is determined by Omnipotent UPS gods that can manipulate your life at will if you dont do what you`re told.
    If you go the other route,it could take years,and
    if you do win the case,you wont get much.The unions relationship with ups is questionable when it comes to the one thing that they are supposed to stand for.I think hubby should just mellow out a bit,lose the attitude,and call for help at 1:00PM.
    And he should buy a back brace.
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    You are so out of line FE Guy...
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    My hubby is a swing driver and even during Christmas he isn't out until 10:30 or 11. I would check your hubby's uniforms for lipstick.
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    your last remark speaks volumes.
    "what should I do" Since you are an unregistered guest,you are probobly worried that this website has some connection to ups.It does not.And it sounds like its you this is happening to and not your husband.Either way the paychecks must be easy to take if its true.Even at peak we are told to keep under 12 hours.Its against the law.
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    That was uncouth and uncalled for FE you need to take a refresher course in people skills.

    This site is not officially connected to UPS in any way that I know of, but suits inhabit the board and if you say the wrong thing(s) they will try to hunt you down and go from there that is a fact.
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    ok2bclever, i couldnt say it better myself...THEY DO monitor these posts, especially part time supervisors, and report to their bosses. Thats why we advertise this site word of mouth

    (Message edited by therodog on August 26, 2005)
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    I can asssure you that the suits monitor this board.
    My local crew came to ME and told me about my posts.
    I dont care- just post the truth. It hurts them more!
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    If you want to have some real fun, call your internet provider and learn how to change your IP address- it keeps them working. :-)
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    "My hubby is a swing driver and even during Christmas he isn't out until 10:30 or 11. I would check your hubby's uniforms for lipstick."

    I hate to say it, but I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like the dishonesty thing may have been about not being where he said he was. Chance the late ninghts are the same? Only say that because I've been the one at home waiting to console the poor overworked husband... If he is out that late, he must be starting at 10:30 - 11:00am. He can only be on the road 12 hours. I'm pretty sure that DOT rule is nationwide.
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    Here DOT is 14 hours with your lunch hour included. I would keep track of his hours and look at his paycheck. When all else fails try calling the center or hub to see if he is still out working? There is alway ways to find out if something wrong is going on.

    Hey FE why dont you take the time to register?
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    Congratulations to your father by the way.

    Your husband's first comp injury, was that back also?

    It sounds like he has six years total counting part-time employment?

    That is relatively nothing and he's still young.

    If his back is already an issue he might want to give serious contemplation about seeking alternative employment because it won't get easier with age and retirement benefits are receding in value and ease of acquiring in this company.

    I don't know of a single former employee that has not expressed a happier and more peaceful life (albeit poorer) after leaving UPS, quit, retired or fired.
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    ups gal,
    Please help me understand the fixation with people registering and the apparent contempt for those who don't.
    As far as any one knows, I could be lying about being a feeder driver. Profiles can be very creative as well as deceptive.
    If it is for tracing purposes, I'm sure an unregistered poster could be traced as well as a registered individual.
    I am sure that I have already been traced but, as other posters have commented, I am not saying anything here that I wouldn't say to their face.
    As far as I know I haven't waived my right to freedom of speech so any tracing would only take place in an attempt to "kill the messenger".
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    leslie there is a chance that your husbands woes have nothing to do with his injuries and everything to do with the type of employee he is. If so he should be gratefull his union was able to fight to get his job back. To think UPS managment has nothing better to do each day then harrass an injured employee is to short change all of us here who have taken the time to read your post.
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    As others have said, 10:30-11PM is pushing the envelope.......