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    This is not a dream, this is for real, and if we lose this fight we lose our country. I dont want people just posting here I want you to be active and help ratchet up the volume on this subject to your friends and family. I do knwo everybody on this board is an American, now lets step up and prtect our country, call the media in your area and ask them why they havent done any reports on the NAU. Call your local paper, call talk radio, call ABC, CBS and NBC lets put pressure on the media to force their hand into informing America what is going on.
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    You fail to say why we should oppose the NAU. You make blanket statements like we will lose this country.

    Explain yourself please.
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    I believe you've already told many of us how to vote. Sorry, can't help you now.
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    How do you get Told HOW try ASK not to vote. With such a moronic way of voting , just no for no reason or ryme, would you blame me and saying that, this is why we keep electing idiots into office, Did they read the contract no, do they know what is in the contract no, I just vote no, How can you back that thinking...or are you admitting your guilt?
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    Reading that gave me a headache.
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    And you claim to be a supporter of Ron you even know what he supports??
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    Yeah. He speaks in coherent sentences.
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    Ron Paul speaks a bit on the subject matter related to this thread on page 2 at the link above.


    I'm curious, do you know where Ron stands on this very issue you speak of? I'll also assume you are not real happy with US immigration policy either. Join the club if that be the case but do you know what Ron's positions are on that issue? How does US economic policy and the structure of banking and currency play into the globalization and the decline of US sovereignty?

    I will say this, if you truly are concerned about the loss of US sovereignty (and it is a legit concern) take some serious time to learn about the Senate Treaty process and the treaties they pass. You'd be shocked to say the least.

    Here's you a little something (linked below) to read on the subject written by an attorney in Huntsville Ala. It only barely brushes the surface on the issue but it should at least make you wonder a little more.

    BTW: about half way down is a nice little section on Social Security and it's possible connection to international law. If you've ever wondered how the federal gov't overstepped the State and local jurisdictions contary to the 9th and 10th amendments to the US Constitution in many areas, then this link should go a ways in answering that question IMO.

    I also think it's one reason candidates say one thing during the campaign but then do another once elected. It's called a "reality check!"
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    Tell us then, how are we supposed to compete in a globalized WORLD economy? Don't you see how the United States is becoming the Britain of the late 1800's - losing its grip as a world power house? News flash - the united states is no longer the place to be, we are on a decline and a fast one at that.

    Our dollar is becoming a joke, its been over a month now (or around there) that the US dollar is valued less than the Canadian dollar. We have literally out spent ourselves, and with Bush raising the national debt to 9.5 trillion dollars recently we are almost MAXED out. Our national GDP yearly is 11 trillion.

    The E.U. is where it's at in todays world and for the foreseeable future. This whole time while we as Americans have been worrying about Asia and the middle east, the European's have literally been buying us out. Ever heard of a company called HSBC? European money. They own TREMENDOUS amounts of American debt.

    The Europeans have embraced a globalized culture and they have been more prosperous than ever...and in just 10 years, the Euro has become the strongest currency in the world. Instead of shunning poor countries, like Romania for example which was inducted into the E.U. this year, they dump funds into improving the country to bring it up to speed with the already developed countries in the E.U. This eliminates mass migration for jobs as well.

    Instead of further blocking immigration from the US, we need to go to those countries and get rid of corruption and spend aid on improving them to make it where the people WANT to stay. Do you REALLY think thats what goes on in a Mexican's head? I want to jump the border, risk everything, leave my family and hertiage behind just to put some American out of work? NO. Anyone who thinks that is incredibly ignorant. They are doing this to SURVIVE. Plain and simple. This strategy of improving your neighbors has worked, and IS currently working in ends up being cheaper in the long run regardless!

    Its sad to say, but to compete in a globalized world (not an industrial world like it was 20+ years ago), we need to bring this continent up to speed as one. If we continue to isolate ourselves more and more in this rapidly changing world, we will only kill ourselves off with a slow and painful cancerous type death.

    Consider this as well, if we isolate ourselves more than we already do - what the hell do we make here? You ask most people what is it that they do..and if you look into their answers, they can't explain what it is they do. They sit in an office and ...make money off of money by providing a service. We don't produce hardly anything here in the united states. Look at the commodity chains of our remaining powerhouse manufacturing companies like General Motors, Ford and General Electric. Instead of MADE IN USA, it needs to say ASSEMBLED IN USA. Electronics from Asia, body parts from Mexico, engineered in India..etc

    I don't WANT this either (an E.U. version of North America) - I wish I lived in the 1950s through the early 70's when the middle class WAS America. But we have to face the facts and realize what the world is doing, with or without us. Just building a big wall around the United States that keeps the world out is a sure death.

    Heres why I won't support that website:
    1)Our dollar is crap, its not backed by anything anymore. Isn't this one of Ron Pauls big plans to actually BACK the dollar again?
    2)End the Lassiez-faire style economy we have going now, get it BACK in check.
    3)Find some sort of renewable, sustainable resource like Hydrogen (see Iceland for how they really DID it and ARE doing it RIGHT NOW) to power EVERYTHING in this country so we aren't dependent on Africa, South America, Scandanavia and The middle east to power everything we have. This is an extremely long supply chain we have to power what is crucial to us. Without crude oil, from a GLOBALIZED world, this country would come to a grinding halt.
    4)Bring back SHORT supply chains to this country. If I pick up a strawberry and eat it, it comes from where I'm from. Not california, not mexico, - my local area. If its not from my reasonable locale, I DON'T EAT IT.
    5)bring back infastructure funding to this country. (public works projects)
    6)FIX EDUCATION so we can groom our children and then make them WANT to stay in the country. We have one of the WORST K-12 education systems in the world, but the best university system the world. Find some way to close this gap.

    Fulfill all of those requests, and yeah - I'll help you isolate us from the world to protect our "Identity" which if you look back not even 200 years, very very few of us have a right to call this land ours. If you can't find away to fulfill those requests first, there is NO WAY that Nationalism will work in today's world.
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    The dollar is being deflated by the Fed, in a recession which we are in, he is suppose to raise interest rates, not cut them which deflates the dollar even more, this is all a plan so that our goverment can use the fear tactic to get the NUA, saying that the Amero ( the new dollar) will be much better than our dollar. If you take the restrictions off our economy like a Consumption Tax and no tarrifs, our economy would soar. And as for your EU, it is not so nice as you would say, that money that is going to Romania is money that is suppose to be for Germans and French and Austrians and other Producing countries. People are getting upset, this is why they wont let Turkey in the EU. How do I know this....I have Au pair's from Germany and Austria that tell me this. Also do you know why the EU was thought up for? if you said to boost their economy it is wrong, it is to reduce wars. As far as the Not made in USA brand, blame that on our goverment, when cheap imports come into the USA how is the American manufactuer going to compete, well if our goverment had put tarrifs on the cheap imports it would be a level playing field, after all the EU and Asia put tarrifs on our stuff being sold in their countries. And we wont Isolate ourselves. And as far as this land wasnt ours well than you can say that to the south Americans Mexicans Canadians Europeans Australians Orient, The United States is the greatest country ever. To get rid of it is ridiculous. Instead how bout getting those politicians out of congress and the senate, and put people in that will take care of the American People
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    Proof of your consipiracy? As I said, I'd very much like to fight globalization as much as you.

    Ok thats great, but as I said, with what resources and infastructure? We are an information and service based economy now that is dependant on globalization in general.

    so your "pairs" (I think you mean parents or some type of relatives?) are the end all for the general feelings of the entire population of Europe? That's like someone from San Francisco defines America or someone from the backwoods of Alabama defines the entire south.

    I agree with you here..the general idea was to promote peace and unity as one for the future. If you think for one second that Europe would be as prosperous as a whole as it is today, still divided and bickering as it was in times past, you're out of your mind. Whats more powerful and you should know this being in a union yourself...if EUROPE sits down and bargains for foreign policy and trade as a whole or if the Germans want this, the French want that etc.

    You contradict yourself. You say you want a more lassiez-faire style economy with this statement:
    but now its the governments fault? mmm..kay? You can't have an economy that is allowed to run out of control and then blame the government at the same time. Hence my statement that the government needs to slap the reigns back on the economy like it was back in the 1950's and get the beast back under SOME control. I know thats going to be increasingly difficult because of globalization and how dependent we are on it.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too. Ok, we start taxing the CRAP out of imports - you think for one second Asia is going to sit back and take that? They are very dependent on our economy and own a LOT of our debt as well...what will stop them from saying "ok jerks, we're calling in our debt." What are we doing to do? Print more money? The Asians and Europeans are already :censored2: off enough about that issue right now.

    I agree with you...but last time I checked, Germany is still a very different country than England and France, which are both still in the E.U. But go ahead, cling to your failing traditions.

    I still have yet to hear your plan on how to fix our problems before we isolate ourselves.
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    Au pairs. It's like a nanny but usually the person is a young foreigner.
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    3Au pairs so far and each has discussed how un happy they are withthe EU, lost of identity, higher taxes, lost of jobs, 1 from Germany and 2 from Austria, their parents come to visit and they voice a displeasure withthe EU, check out the Turkey story. It wont be long before the People of the EU will want out
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    Turkey has many more problems than Romania and its distinctly not European. Religion has a big factor in that.

    but I'll take you up on the people will want out of the EU. Time will tell..They'd be retarded to want out of it. There is much more than just the factors you list.

    Globalization is a beast we will have to deal with, like it or not. If you think going back to Nationalism of the world war 2 era is the answer, you're out of your mind.
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    Globalization has been around for awile, yet we still do ok, like I said level the ballfield, if they want to tax our products comming into their countries, then we should do the same, Americans work more hours a week than any other country in the world, including the EAU, which by the way another hit my brother does business with people from EAU, he says that they are very lazy people, he hates doing business with them. Wow if this is so great how come so many problems? USA will survive, after we take our country back. It is only a matter of time, if Hillary get voted in, then in 4 years we will take our country back. The greatest papers in the world is The Declaration and the constitution, and we will return our country to those papers. No other country is as free, which alone hinder there business in EAU and other's. Like I said take off the chains, Consumption Tax and nobody would be able to touch us.
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    I still don't get you. You think this is some over simplified process.

    You blame the government, yet say take off the chains? You cannot have both. No one able to touch us? RIIIIGHT. You never answered my original infrastructure questions. What exactly is it that YOU do my friend? What exactly is it that your neighbors do? We do not produce hardly anything in this country. We are SO dependent on Asia...your little tariff's would definitely lead to conflict. I know by day I produce GIS maps for my city (thats great, I sit in a cubical and make pretty maps and analyze problems for city managers to present to council etc..) and by night I move and scan packages. Both are service related jobs, I don't make anything. Hell, no one in my neighborhood that I know of makes anything. We all go to our little jobs, service related and make money off of money through some service.

    And if Hillary gets voted in? She wants more government involvement! Hillary would be a nightmare to the lassiez-faire economists!

    If anything, Ron Paul is the guy you seek for small government at the federal level and to revive the constitution.
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    Chains equals restrictions placed by our own goverment, Tarrifs, manufacturing has left this country because of it. we dont put Tarrifs on incomming products, yet our stuff going the other way do, is that fair? This is my answer to bring those jobs back, consumption tax and Tarrifs on imports. This country like I said is better off than any other country including the EAU and Orient to do business, if they did like I said,cause this is a FREE country, no ther country is like this. How can I not have both? The goverment is at fault for alot of the problems today. Like Taxes, the fact that everybody in Washington DC doesnt listen to the American people, example Amnesty. I do not support Hillary Clinton, but the truth may be that if she gets elected then maybe this would wake up the American people because things would get so bad. As for Ron Paul, I cant vote in the Primaries, I am a registered Independant. But I do think that Ron Paul is good, but he doesnt have a chance. Besides it taskes more than voting in a president with his views to change our goverment back to the way it is suppose to be run. The American people need to put these type's of people in Congress and Senate but I dont see it happening, considering how the election system is set up for the wealthy.
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    Ok..well whatever you say but Ron Paul certainly isn't going to win with lukewarm supporters like you who say you like him, but think he doesn't have a chance in hell...

    just like I have to tell the people at my hub now with the new contract "HOW THE HELL COULD THE UNION DO THIS AND THAT BLAH BLAH." guys voted or lacked to vote it down. I'm a registered democrat myself, but I hope to god the republicans push him through. I think he's the only one that has a chance against any of the dem's front runners. far as your comments about Hillary and how she may make it that bad for us to wake up..This I think is uniquely American. We literally have to be passed through the fire before we realize how BAD we have it and we go into that "oh crap!!" mode before we react. Just like General Motors (going nearly bakrupt before it caught on to make a change for the better) and again, I reference the current state of our union. Our appetite for crap is that of a feeder driver at a country market buffet at a truck stop. ;-)

    And as far as your comments about how "free" we are compared to the EU...mmm we have lost more freedom's under the current administration, think patriot act, than EVER before. That's the problem with politicians, I don't even think Ron Paul will give up the power that the previous administration has given him *IF* he wins. I certainly DO NOT think any other potential future president will at all.