North Carolina Union guys


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Does anyone remember the two guys from North Carolina that tried to oust the Teamsters? It was around 2007-08 I think?

What ever happened to them?

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He who laughs last didn't get it.


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I think one of our Local 728 Business Agents went to one of their organizing events and was locked up for disrupting it.


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Really ?

I thought it was Joe Bob Nobody and Who TF are You ?

$7000 a month in pension. Never said how they could do it....

They were some sort of "financial wizards".

Where are they now ?

Retired.... collecting their Teamster negotiated pension.


Look Bug don't get me wrong. They're numbers were crazy and not attainable. But they
made some noise and that wasn't a bad thing. I know that the noise they made had
a effect on my fund and generated some increases. A little revolution once in awhile
is a good thing.