1. cheryl

    Amazon begins rolling out bigger UPS and FedEx-style delivery trucks

    Amazon begins rolling out bigger UPS and FedEx-style delivery trucks - Reuters is launching a new fleet of bigger, boxier trucks like those favored by rival package carriers United Parcel Service Inc and FedEx Corp, as it fights to fix widespread pandemic-fueled delivery delays that...
  2. B

    New Voice Directions while Driving

    My apologies if this is a repost, has anyone received the new voice directions for the DIADs in the trucks yet? My center is supposed to get it in the next couple of weeks and I was curious as to how it functions. All the drivers I’ve talked to now seem opposed to it and want nothing to do with...
  3. T

    Is PPH lower on bulk trucks? Also an issue with driver and PT SUP

    Hey, I'm a pre-loader and I've been lurking this forum for about a month or so. I'm coming up for whether or not I get seniority next week. My supervisor says my biggest problem is that I have not really shown much progress regarding my PPH. It hovers somewhere from 120 to 170 (my highest)...
  4. Catatonic

    UPS to invest in new buildings, new trucks ... Hire more drivers???

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced it has ordered 14 Boeing 747-8 cargo jets and four new Boeing 767 aircraft to provide additional capacity in response to accelerating demand for the company’s air services. All of the new aircraft will be added to the existing fleet and no existing aircraft are...
  5. B

    Not allowed to Double Shift

    Starting back on August 1, 2014, My hub in Oklahoma City banned double shifting. The only double shifting that was allowed was preload and package pullers, is what I believe their position is called. So, except for peak season, no one on twilight or midnight is allowed to double on either shift...
  6. M

    Worth going PT mechanic for UPS

    I'm a new hire package handler at the CACH facility near the Chicagoland. Was told they had an PT mechanic opening. Is it really worth it and what are chances of going full time? I'm assuming they are IAM Local 701. Have 8 years experience and was previous 701 member.
  7. G

    $15 per hour for new hires?

    :Text deleted:
  8. Catatonic

    Southern UPSers Laughing at Northern UPSers Driving in the Snow

    Winter storm hits New York City with up to 13 inches of snow; over 2,000 flights suspended More than 11 inches coated the Bronx and Brooklyn, while Rego Park in Queens received 13 inches, and 10 inches fell in Staten Island’s Great Kills. On Long Island, where the whirling snow reduced...
  9. Brown Now

    New IVIS

    Is anyone running/testing the new IVIS? I’ve seen it, played around with it, but it was a tester that was being shown to me. A couple of our tractors had the new mounts for the new IVIS installed in them, but no IVIS. They had to put tape over the red light on the dashboard because it’s so...
  10. Jackburton

    Delivering at 10:30pm, what could go wrong

    Another incident of a driver being held up and the truck stolen, at 10:30pm. This happened to a driver out of the Roswell building, Marietta Center side. This could have been a lot worse, stay safe out there, hopefully someone doesn’t have to die before UPS gets slammed with overworking...
  11. T

    Telsa Trucks News Headlines vs. Peak Day Volume News Headlines??

    Usually you see a lot of News Headlines about peak day! But it's about these Telsa trucks!! Planned or coincidence??
  12. Po0pmenot

    UPS BUYS 125 of Elon Musks trucks..

    Self driving trucks.. It's happening.
  13. watdaflock?

    UPS in the news

    UPS loses inheritance of nearly $1M -- then offers $32 refund
  14. ThaBlakesta

    Pilots quit?

    Our Boss who usually doesn’t know what he’s talking about said 200 UPS pilots quit has anyone else heard this?
  15. Peytonmanning11

    Package handler seasonal

    I am at fedex as a seasonal package handler what can I do to increae my chances of staying after seasonal I have not did smalls but I have done trucks unloading slide and belts but not ic or scaner.
  16. Catatonic

    Atlanta Snowmageddon ... AGAIN

    3 - 6 inches in and around the Atlanta area at 32° and getting colder. I, myself, am up to snow good. Schools didn't call a snow day ... now parents and news stations are flocking mad. UPS Drivers still out? Corporate employees get their packages at home?
  17. MC4YOU2

    Toasted English Muffin dog house!

    Fire damages UPS trucks, packages at Frederick County facility Not considered suspicious at this time. Come on back guys! It's totally safe!
  18. over9five

    A Great Peak This Year!

    Couldn't be better, no way to improve! Management has done an awesome job!
  19. M

    Work slowdown

    Forced six days. The union has failed us. We still, as individuals, control the work. Walk, don’t run. Hand trucks are for pushing, not pulling. If you need a strap to keep your packages in place, you are overloaded. Hell, you shouldn’t be using a strap to begin with. Utilize crosswalks and...
  20. P

    Minor accident (gutter) now I’m disquaified? Help?

    Hi guys. I’m fairly new to this forum and UPS in general. I’ve just been completing training for package car driving and have worked at UPS for a total of about 6 months. So recently (Wed. 11/22) I got in a minor accident in which a gutter that was sticking out at a little coffee shop got...