Not paid for time worked.

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    I work the preload shift loading package cars. About two weeks ago I was having a conversation with my previous pt time sup about the new area I was moved to. He was asking how I was doing there, etc. He suggested that I start working 10 minutes earlier to keep up with the bulk that tends to come in immediately after the flow begins. I told him there's no way I'm going to work 10 minutes each day for free. He said that a sup can select a person on their belt to start 10 minutes earlier. My actual belt sup was with us at the time, and agreed to this. Before the end of the day, he confirmed with me that I would be coming in early to start at 4:10 the following work day. Also, when that day came, I asked him myself if I was to start early and he said yes.

    Fast forward to Friday two weeks from then. I look at my paycheck and I'm 50 minutes short. (I started keeping track of my time when this began) Obviously, this pt time sup never got any authorization to do this, and never even spoke to his full time sup about it. Either he lied to me or simply didn't understand how to do his own job.

    I spoke to a HR guy about this, and he said he would talk to the full time sup, but that I also need to talk to her about it myself. On my way out I didn't see the full time sup, so the following Monday I spoke to her about it. Apparently the HR guy never even talked to her, or at least she pretended to know nothing about it. I told her of the situation and she said she'd get back to me. I asked her today if she had any new information for me, and she did not. But she did say not to start 10min early anymore, that my start time was 4:20.

    How should I proceed from here? If I file a grievance, will it hold up? I know that a pt time sup has no authority to start anyone early. But it's not my responsibility to verify this stuff with multiple supervisors. It was -his- responsibility, however, to confirm with a full time sup that I can do this.

    I feel like if I talk to the preload manager, he won't be very cooperative on the matter.

    Should I even bother talking to him before speaking to my steward?
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    My first question to you is , how do you punch in for work because if it on a machine that YOU punch in they are forging your time card
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    Good question. We clock in on a computer. When you "login", it shows your official start time. No matter how early you clock in, you do not start getting paid until that start time. My start time always showed 4:20. Based on my early start time agreement with my direct supervisor, this time should have been manually changed daily, or at the end of the week.
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    Wow, this one makes me mad. You work for some real snakes. Go get your steward, and tell him everything.
    Those lying unethical snakes should be fired.
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    Well fight it as much as you can get your steward involved and you learn something never trust management especially part time ones

    The first day you punched in and didnt see your time fix you should have said something then or start at your regular time

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Then you are probably screwed. It a common thing for them to have us start 10 minutes early. If you ever are asked to start early, you can change your start time. On the computer screen with your start time, highlight the start time, enter new start time, hit save. Your good from there unless your supe edits your time. Like you started doing, always document your time.
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    Let your steward handle it. If he can't resolve it immediately file a grievence under article 17.
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    If you want to start early for free, that is your decision to make. They can't force that upon you.
    As UPS is not in the business of giving away money, I am not in the business of giving away labor.

    I find that hard to believe, but if I am wrong, I did not know that was possible. We were never instructed on this "feature".

    In any case, a verbal agreement with a sup is just as good. If my direct sup at the time (he's no longer a sup on my belt) denies it, my previous one will confirm the discussion we had.

    Keeping in mind that this was never my idea in the first place. It was an idea suggested to me. So it wasn't some scheme to milk a few dollars from UPS. The idea was a good one, though. The two weeks that I did this, my drivers almost always left "on time", and my area was always in good shape.
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    Thanks. I'll talk to him tomorrow about it.
  10. UnsurePost

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    You missed the point of the OPs post.

    The "start time" you cannot change. Yes, you can edit the "punch" time but it doesn't matter if your start time is something else. If it says 4:20, and you change it to 4:10, it will still register whatever time you actually hit "punch in" and, will not pay you until the start time.

    To OP -This is a case of supervisors not going into the timecard system and editing your start time. There was no adjustment on your check, so either (1) it was never put in or (2) the preload manager denied it when it was put in.

    I suggest not wasting any more valuable personal time on the issue and file a grievance. If you waste an hour on this matter, it's more than the 50 minutes you were shorted.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Actually you can change it, the way I posted. Theirs a report time, & your start time. If I'm asked to start early, I change my start time that way.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    One step missed, you must click on edit, before changing start time & clicking save.
    Laffter, I never work there for free. NEVER. If I happen to have a work related conversation with a supervisor, & I'm not punched in, I like to use their same words..."are you on the clock?"
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    I don't know how your building is run but sometimes when we clock in we don't get paid until our actual start time so if our sup wants us to work early, i ask my sup to go over to the computer and change my hours to when i started working.

    Same when i clock out, sometimes we're there so late the clock out computer won't log it that i clocked out so i make sure my sup goes over to the computer and manually types in my hours.

    I've been screwed over once before on my hours so i do what i can to make sure it never happens again. Good luck.

    edit: just read the thread and it looks like your computers are like ours.
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    After break time today, I asked my pt time sup to see if he can get the steward to come over to my area. He didn't have a radio today, so he asked the full time sup to do it (the one I had talked to about my issue before). She never did it. In fact, she even told this pt time sup to tell me that I need to speak with the preload manager. It appears to me that she is refusing to get the steward for me. I didn't want to spend my personal time after the shift to track the steward down, but I will definitely make it my mission to do so tomorrow, and I will add this little bit on nonsense into my conversation with him/her.
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    Never take management at their word. Never expect management to go an extra step for you. (even though we're asked to go the extra mile all the time)

    There are two ways to edit time; one, the computer as already posted in this thread, there's a pull down menu that you can hit when you clock in, and two, the log book in the office. I generally manually use the log book anytime I have extra time (clock in early for PSA's, video training, or picking up an extra shift on local sort) and have never had a problem.
  16. UnsurePost

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    The problem with editing your time is, like I tried to explain (didn't get the point across), it is up to the supervisor to make the adjustment and then be approved by the manager. If it isn't approved, you will be shorted.

    PT and FT sup refer you to speak to manager because, most likely, he/she is the one who denied the adjustment.

    So there are layers of ways for the employee to be missing pay - either the sup forgets to change it, sup denies it, sup puts the time in and it is denied by preload manager, etc. I'm sure there are more ways where someone in mgmt can explain the ins and outs.

    What I am saying is, your "edit" feature doesn't really change anything. It isn't as though you are connecting into payroll and managing your hours.

    UPS is in total control of paying you and none of those time edits are official.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Sleeve, sorry I missed your point. I see what you mean now.
    Yes I am aware that's how it works. Supes do time cards, massage there numbers, add extra hours to car wash, re wrap etc.
  18. ORLY!?!

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    Nowadays, they are locking in start times..

    The computer time card is flawed in this way. If they say you should work at 4:10, you should be able to change it to that time. It is getting to the point where its locked in place and not changable.

    To the OP: I say file, and the next day you dont hear anything about it, file again. File everyday you dont hear anything about it, hopefully it hasnt been past 10 days. If so, file, file, file, file, file, file and even file after you heard something. Theres nothing wrong with free money. You file enough, thus they take their sweet time in process, file again. Before you know it the amount will be HUGE! That soup that told you that garbage will probably be fired for the crap he/she told you. Theres no place here for free work.
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    Of course it has. I began my 4:10 start time on the 13th. It wasn't until the 24th that I found out I wasn't paid for this extra 50min during the week of the 13th to 17th. Come Friday, I'm sure I won't be paid for the 50min between the 20th and 24th either. Every day since Monday, I have been following up on this with no luck. So I haven't just been sitting around picking my ass.

    I will track down the steward tomorrow and if he/she can't resolve it that day, I will be sure to leave with some grievance forms.
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    Just because you punch in early doesn't mean your getting paid yet. You don't get paid till your START time. They would have to adjust your start time which they didn't.

    Stop coming in early you don't have to and they can't force you to. When they ask you why your not coming in early tell you have been paid for the times you came in early before.

    Why would you want to start early just to help out your sup ? If they are overloaded they need to hire more people.