Now Heres A Hit While Parked

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    The Ups driver will get a warning letter! Watch the video he didnt tuck his mirror!! Probably didnt grab the handrail when exiting the car!!!Im sure he was at fault!!(Not)
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    Wow wonder what cop out we have to deny all those claims.
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    Every story I have seen, emphasizes that UPS was legally parked. I wonder if the driver supe that went to the scene had anything to do with that.
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    that's crazy... you can see that the fire was so hot it melted half of th aluminum sidewall and shelves. Prayers to the victim's family

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    Prayers to the victims family, I know UPS has a 50 point check list, if there is anything negative, that's not good......
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    Ups will not charge the driver, IMO, because it would imply responsibility and liability. Once a lawyer gets hold of that fact it's game on.
    I've been at buildings where similar, obvious that the other person was in the wrong fatalities ,and neither driver was charged with the crash for that reason.
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