NTSB wants to ban cell phone use of any type by commercial drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by menotyou, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. menotyou

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    NTSB wants to ban cell phone use of any type by commercial drivers
  2. brett636

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    And it is complete BS for them to try to do this. This is what happens when lawmakers react to a bad situation rather than think through it. Statistically speaking a truck driver is a better driver than your average car driver, so if a trucker cannot use a cellphone than nobody is qualified to use a cellphone in their vehicle. I can understand texting while driving laws and that is already illegal in a commercial vehicle, but to ban cell phone use entirely? That is just going too far.
  3. UnsurePost

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    Sucks for UPS on the communication end, now that they must enforce drivers NEVER to use their cell phones but DIAD only. .

    "We believe the ban on cellular telephones, hand-held and hands-free, are appropriate in this case," NTSB Director of Highway Safety Don Karol told the Associated Press.
  4. menotyou

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    Too bad they don't have the power to enforce. Just highly suggest.
  5. over9five

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    Little fish in a big pond syndrome.
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    NTSB can beso mi culo. :surprised:
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    marcas x el punto
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    Is this site in Spanish now??? I hope not because I failed it twice in school.
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    My father made me take Latin. Can you tell we are Catholic? :)
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    parlez vous francais?
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    Gallia Est Omnis Divisa in Partes Tres
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    I never try to talk in my truck while the engine is on... even when the truck is in park... It's just too loud... If I need to talk, I pull over, put the truck in park with the handbrake on, and take my call. Safety first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Moreluck is saying she is the only one with the Gaul to speak Latin to the three hombre's
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    No. She is quoting Caesar. 'All Gaul is divided into three parts'. It's one of the first things you learn in Latin. Thanks, More. Nice memories.
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    Can I be next!
  16. blue efficacy

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    Operating a large vehicle while distracted is obviously much more dangerous than operating a car while distracted. Besides, you're working. I like this idea.
  17. brett636

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    I understand that issue all too well. A good number of our package cars are too loud to talk in with the engine noise and the clanking of the doors and bulkhead door talking on the phone just isn't practical. A good bluetooth can cure this problem even in the noisiest of package cars, but this covers them as well which simply is going too far.

    Oh please, large vehicle operators (ie, truck drivers) have fewer accidents than car drivers, and most of those accidents big trucks have are because of car drivers acting stupid. You don't think a distracted car driver who swerves in front of me while I'm pulling a full trailer or set of trailers to make their turn or ramp while on their cell phone isn't dangerous? If truckers can't have them nobody should. There are no better drivers on the road than those who are on the road for a living.
  18. menotyou

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    I have Bluetooth built into my car. A little speaker built into the ceiling. Even with that, talking on your cell IS distracting. Let's say it is 7pm on a Friday and you have a date with whomever. Your center manager calls and wants you to take 20 stops off so and so to help out. You aren't distracted? I would have used a feeder story, but am not sure what the feeder sups say to distract you. No matter what type of device you are using to chat, you are using some part of your brain to carry on the conversation. I believe this would stop a lot of issues for package car drivers. I do think all cell chatting, texting, whatever should be outlawed.
  19. rushfan

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    When the hell are the putas going to go after the 4 wheelers? I love the news stories when a car crashes into a commercial vehicle. Usually the news story says "semi truck hits car". Later on in the story, the truth comes out.....some person in the 4 wheeler was on a cell phone, and turned in front of the commercial vehicle.

    Soon for the piss test, the NTSB will require the urine collector to watch us piss in the cup.
  20. over9five

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    "I can't do it while you're watching me!!!"