O/S 3



This would seem to be a great idea with all of the freight companies going out of business... problem is, where are these boxes going to fit? All drivers in our center accept (grudgingly - and for the most part rightly so) that they will be dispatched at least a 9.5 day, but with the introduction of the new OS3 volume, the packages simply will not fit.

By adding a trailer for the companies shipping these boxes, centers will not make their SPORH (or it will be very difficult to do so). Do you think anything in the company will change to accomodate this new volume? or do you think the OMS will be forced to make many drivers double trip (ridiculous) on a daily basis.

In my opinion, great opportunity for bank, but we need to be given a way to handle the volume.

On a side note, have any other centers noticed an increase in injuries due to the recent excess in work per driver. In our center, even if we were able to add routes, we simply do not have the bodies to do so... When your center has 33-35 hours over 9.5 daily, there are bound to be more injuries.

I know many people are angry with management. Yes, there may be issues, but to a point, our hands are tied also, especially in middle mgmt. Dispatch can be improved on our part and the preload, but we are dictated the routes... the volume has to go somewhere...it's stressful for all. If its any consolation, I get no lunch, work 830-630 and cant make appointments with my family either. Seems UPS has shied away from catering to the family life..


UPS and family, well thats a myth. Also when they introduced OS1/OS2 they made no adjustments to our time study even tho they realized extra handling cost them money and added it to the price of shipping..additional handling charges etc. Time study is a thing of the past just keep on doing it, and do it faster and more efficiently. Big increase in my center in injuries since we have had a 9.5 avg day all summer, also number of accidents and firings because of them in the last 3 WEEKS. Most of the non-labotomized mgmt agree. Say what they will, the truth stands tall.


Good post atanman1,

I have known for some time that middle and even upper management folks are in a rough place. I am a driver, and am fond of most of the management folks we have in place here now. It was not always that way. These guys certainly have their hands tied from above though. It's all about numbers. Meet those numbers or hope the one above you slept through the report. If not there will be a butt chewing phone call and it will all trickle down from there.

As far as injuries go, it has to be a fact that a person is more likely to get hurt if they are worn out.

I have no solution.(wish I did) It's our job and we get it done. We can only absorb so much though.


It's just as hard handling OS packages when you're loading and unloading a feeder. If you absolutely have to take care of an oversize, it usually takes the same amount of time it would to handle several other packages.

Plus it seems more idiots are putting over 70's under the flaps again... great way to win friends and influence people.

Me, I don't try to have any beef with management. They're management, and their job is to keep things running, not to coddle every basket case. When I get stuck with the supervisor-bashers, I usually just ignore them... why try to make your job harder by projecting your frustration on someone who can't do anything about it?

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How about more time allowance when delivering the new OS3 volume to someone's apartment-you know those who choose to move through ups.



You are right. We have a new district manager and he seems to be moving back to the "old UPS" if you will... The sups now have to do daily/weekly add-a-lines, write ups on late air, etc etc. All paperwork and numbers.

Now, I believe some paperwork is good for accountability. Many times I have seen non-union personnel sneak out early because, hey, why not.. not getting paid by the hour. The "new" way causes supervisors to do check-in audits, etc making sure sups stay longer hours. This is only fair in my opinion.

As far as the numbers game, we used to hear... "They tell us to run the numbers.. and we say its impossible, yet, somehow, it always gets done." This is no longer the case. Injuries are increasing as well as misloads, accidents and the like. The customer is suffering and the pattern does not seem to be changing. We were given 2 more routes though as of Wednesday (run by drivers from other centers though - due to injuries) and this has lifted the burden a bit. 2 more and this job just might be possible.

Work safe all, I know about 90% of us are doing our best. This is bound to pass, though 2 years is really wearing....