Obama the fiscal conservative

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    The great messiah has found a way to cut 17 billion out of next years 3.4 trillion dollar budget plan.
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    'These is a lot of money being spent inefficiently, ineffectively, and in some cases in ways that are actually pretty stunning,' Obama said in a statement at the White House. 'These savings, large and small, add up.'

    Wonder how long it took him to figure this one out?:surprised:
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    We as a country need to answer a fundemantal question.

    What is the role of Government?

    Is it to provide only the essential, like fire, police and the military? Or is those along with social programs? That politicians keep adding seemingly every year. Only then, will we as citizens of this great nation, get the Government we want.
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    was it meant as god over men or go over men?
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    just makes you long for the days of the rigid fiscal conservatism of the Bush Era. cough, cough ... cough.
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    Well 17 BILLION is still $17, 000,000,000. More money than I make in a year.

    Considering the war in Iraq has cost almost 700 billion, and NO weapons of mass destruction were found.

    Almost 190 billion has been spent in Afghanistan, (maybe if we didn't go to Iraq and spent more in Afghanistan we would've found Osama)

    17 Billion is a start. Although I really don't see the point to this post unless it's to express one's feelings towards the present administration. In 4 years you can vote against it. At least he won the Popular Vote, and there were no "hanging chads".
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    Just think the Iraq war cost you list is only twenty percent of next years budget plan. What the heck is he going to spend 3.5 trillion on.
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    The above pie chart is from the 2008 budget, expenditures are below

    • Mandatory spending: $1.788 trillion (+4.2%)
      • $608 billion (+4.5%) - Social Security
      • $386 billion (+5.2%) - Medicare
      • $209 billion (+5.6%) - Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
      • $324 billion (+1.8%) - Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending
      • $261 billion (+9.2%) - Interest on National Debt
    • Discretionary spending: $1.114 trillion (+3.1%)
      • $481.4 billion (+12.1%) - Department of Defense
      • $145.2 billion (+45.8%) - Global War on Terror
      • $69.3 billion (+0.3%) - Department of Health and Human Services
      • $56.0 billion (+0.0%) - Department of Education
      • $39.4 billion (+18.7%) - Department of Veterans Affairs
      • $35.2 billion (+1.4%) - Department of Housing and Urban Development
      • $35.0 billion (+22.0%) - Department of State and Other International Programs
      • $34.3 billion (+7.2%) - Department of Homeland Security
      • $24.3 billion (+6.6%) - Department of Energy
      • $20.2 billion (+4.1%) - Department of Justice
      • $20.2 billion (+3.1%) - Department of Agriculture
      • $17.3 billion (+6.8%) - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
      • $12.1 billion (+13.1%) - Department of Transportation
      • $12.1 billion (+6.1%) - Department of the Treasury
      • $10.6 billion (+2.9%) - Department of the Interior
      • $10.6 billion (-9.4%) - Department of Labor
      • $51.8 billion (+9.7%) - Other On-budget Discretionary Spending
      • $39.0 billion - Other Off-budget Discretionary Spending
    The Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are not included in the regular budget. Instead they are funded through special appropriations.

    The breakdown of the 2009 budget is not available, this is where the money went last year and DOES NOT include the war spending. Granted last years budget was 500 BILLION dollars less. I'm sure these figures don't include what was spent bailing out the banks.
    Social Security and Medicare eat up the biggest chunks. Then the Dept of Defense, (hey all those new jet fighters are expensive, there is also a lot of money spent to maintain our nuclear arsenal, which is enough weapons to destroy the entire world about 10x )
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    Reminds of a poster I saw the other day:

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    What's with the influx of non-UPS Discussions threads in the UPS Discussions? Hoax is getting tired of the moderator button?
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    I am guilty of creating in the wrong venue. I hope you'll be able to survive the painful ordeal:happy-very:
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    This from the man who spent $330,000 to terrorize New York residents with Air Force One.
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    they stated Obama didn't know about this Over9:happy2:
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    So this is where your signature line came from huh mechanic?:happy-very:
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    The Budget? Fudge It!

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    We just may be witnessing the end of the United States Of America. Shame on us all!! :whiteflag:
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    Bingo ! We have a winner....

    Over9, you know this ain't the case, yet for schitts and giggles felt compelled to report it anyway....NY Post is looking for a few good men...

    Not the end of the United States, but the end of the Elephant party ?

    [​IMG] <-----------Endangered spiecies ? :woohoo:
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    Forgive me.

    The Obama Administration spent $330,000 to terrorize New York residents with Air Force One.
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    But Obama didnt know about it, now quit picking on the guy:anxious:
    Hard to believe coming from the guy who knows everything.