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    I would like to personally thank those Occupy Wall Street people. They have shined a light on the real people who committed fraud and have escaped any responsibility. Remember in the 1980s with the Savings and Loan crisis, over 1000 bankers went to jail. As of today none of the Wall St scum have gone to jail, yet. I would have to blame the "Tea Party" loons for changing the conversation away from who is responsible for our economic crisis to "Obama is a Kenyan-born, socialist who hates America and wants to kill your grandma!" The Tea party were useful idiots used by the true backers and funders of the Tea party: the Koch Brothers , Dick Armey, etc.

    It certainly is about time someone besides Ralph Nader said stop the gross greed of the financial and corporate elite. We have to stop their political puppets corrupted by these corporate greed heads that have turned their backs on the poor and middle class. It is about time we had a little rage against the machine against the plutocratic bastards in an unjust economy and unresponsive politics.

    It is time to hit the streets when 1% of the people own over 90% of the net worth in this country!! When its ok for teachers, cops , firefighters, postal workers and union jobs in general to join the ranks of the unemployed. When it is ok to have roads , bridges, schools, etc to crumble or close. When it is ok to throw people out of their homes because of dishonest bankers. When stuff like this occurs it is ok because profits are up at Goldman Sachs or Exxon Mobil or UPS!!

    Folks this movement has to continue. It is already spreading to other cities throughout the country. I even heard people in Cairo are ordering pizzas online to send via local NYC pizza parlors to the OWS people!!

    Brothers and sisters, to stand on the sidelines and just watch is to be complicit with what is going on!! When OWS comes to a downtown near you, get out and join them. The corporate forces fear this will spread. And they are right. Today the young people in the streets were joined by thousands of union workers!! It was amazing to watch construction workers and Teamsters march side by side with 20 year olds with purple hair and 70 year old grannies for peace. There is hope!! Enough is Enough!!
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    You support OWS? Do you support their demands?

    "Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live."
    "Free college education"
    "One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now."
    "Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all."
    "Outlaw all credit reporting agencies."
    "raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr."

    So, everyone makes ast least $20/hour no matter what their job is; no one has any debt of any kind; no one has a credit rating; no one pays for any college; anyone from anywhere can enter the US-no questions asked; spend $1 TRILLION now.

    Sounds reasonable.
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    You can focus on some of the more ridiculous demands (and they are pretty ridiculous) but I think that's missing the larger point. People are becoming more and more disenchanted with the growing disparity of wealth in this country and these protests are a symptom of that, even if some of the participants are obviously clueless about the way the world works.
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    Do these people work? Looking for free money? Get something, Not earn for yourself.. A bunch of community organizers demanding the system owes them.. Heard that one before......
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    A living wage and ending so called "free trade" sound reasonable. Universal health care for all, absolutely. Free state and community colleges, yes. Fast track alternative fuels, yes. One trillion in infrastructure , absolutely. Racial and gender equality, why not. Open borders?? MIght be good if all was equal throughout the world, but we are not yet ready for that (however, their logic is since capital has no borders so should labor). Fix our elections, great.On forgiving the "debt", that sure is a leap. On outlawing the credit agencies, why not? They are the same ones that said Lehmann was a fine investment right up to its fall. ANd card check for unionization?? Hell yeah!! Overall a great start to be built on over time. Again well done OWS!!
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    "These people" are our kids and nephews. They are the latest generation just waking up to a very uncertain future. A future that if nothing changes will lead them to enjoy less of a standard of living than their own parents. A future with a job or many jobs without any health benefits or pensions. Where they will haveto start life out with over $100,000 in debt from college. A future where if you are not among the lucky few, then you have to really struggle for your entire life.

    Did you hear anyone asking for "free money"?? No!! They are saying the 99% of this country are hurting: why do we have socialism for the rich and powerful, and laisse faire, rapacious capitalism for the rest of us!! What Goldman and the rest of them got was "free money"!! And now that unions and others have joined them in NYC as well as Chicago and Los angeles and Denver, Miami, Boston, Philly, etc what names are you gonna call them now?? Give me a break!!
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    804 brown, quit with the kool aid, you have had too much.
    I have watched msnbc, cnn, abc, and I have yet to hear a coherent idea out of one participant of the occupy wall street. you do yourself a great disservice to your reputation when you endorse such a misaligned, misinformed, abortionlike attempt at coherency.
    I know you are smarter than this.
    If my union backs this I will withdraw.
    Or maybe I missed something. Enlighten me, you have not yet.
    Put the Kool aid down walk away, now.
    bunch of know nothing idiots looking for a plae to carsh and noteriety.
    What they will be known as...?
    And yes I do not support President Obama.
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    This is not editorial and the opinion is not representative of anything about this website. I saw this photo on the internet today and thought that the browncafe might be interested in sharing some opinions about it:

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    this idea that you dont have to get out there and make your on money , that the government is gonna take care of you type attitude , is why the country is going belly up .
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    "you hear anyone asking for "free money"??"

    Actually, free money is part of the OWS manifesto. Free college, removal of any and all debt one may have (specifically "all debt on the entire planet period"), minimum wage of $20 for any job. Sounds like free money to me.

    What is the plan to pay for all of their demands in the manifesto? Wanting and wishing and feeling entitled to things is not a great plan.
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    You are making stuff up here. The only people that asked the government to take care of them was the capitalist Wall St banks!! We used to have free college in NYC. But wait we have "free" public schools k-12, oh dear not that.
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    Why don't you read the Federal Reserve's own words about how money is created in the first place. Once you understand the fiction that is the nature of money and that the only one giving up any consideration is the borrower in the form of his/her future labor, the OWS claim of debt removal does have some merit. If however, there was consideration behind the money lent such as some form of backing, say a commodity like silver or gold, then your condemnation would have merit. The only fiction backing a piece of paper with ink in it is a grant of monopoly status to what is a private corp. interest formed into a cartel and then the belief that the rest of the suckers will take that paper with ink when we hand it to each other just as we each played the sucker when we accepted it from someone else. The only real difference between the paper with ink in your pocket and that paper with ink in a game of Monopoly is that the the former has the backing of a state fiction. In the future, electronic money in the form of debit devices will increase the ability to sustain the illusion from the check of inflation over time because regardless of the amount of money needed to buy, we won't see or need wheelbarrows to go to the store as in the Wiemar failure. Then the battle will be to keep wages up and guess how well that will work?

    We bought into the lies of the 2 headed leviathan we call the 2 party state that consumes us when it was asked for an audit of the Federal Reserve and we denied the efforts at true transparency so now we will see the pulling down of our temple pillars in order to destroy them.

    If these people all in all were nothing more than kookie nutjobs, you'd ignore them and they would just go away in a matter of days but this isn't going away, it's growing and there's lots more to this than kookie nutjobs. Leviathan is attacking because Leviathan fears it and well they should because Americans know they've been betrayed by the 2 headed monster that tells lies and many are waking to the truth and speaking out. May not be the most elegant, the most thoughtful or the most reasonable but in a true free market, all ideas, all methods are allowed into the free market of human action and then people are free to enter and leave in voluntary action to those market offerings. The free and open competition of the marketplace of ideas with true and total transparency make the competition between ideas the check and balance and the consumer gets the best product at it's lowest possible price. That's the real free market.

    Even the Greeks are learning what Free(d) Markets really are and how to use them in a free voluntary exhange system.

    Now the "long term guests" of the prison-industrial complex are starting to revolt as well. And if these Marines show up, will the Ministry of Truth aka Main Street Media blackout their story?

    Welcome to the American Autumn!

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    Congrats on being one of the sheeple to believe everything you hear without due diligence.
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    We (pro-labor) want you to withdraw. Get out.
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    It’s almost amusing to watch and listen to these muppets on news shows. They aren’t articulate, many of them can’t tell the interviewer what they are for, or against and nearly all seem to be a poster child for arrested development.
    I cannot for the life of me, even begin to entertain the thought of hiring any of these flakes to do anything worth while. No wonder they rage against capitalism. They are jealous that they have no place at the table and cannot figure out why.
    They seem to “feel” they are making a difference, when all they are actually doing is taking up space, while trying to be noticed.
    I see they have grown wary of breaking the law. I suspect NYPD as had some impact on that. It’s only a matter of time before they max out their folks credit card, so they’ll have to go back to school, or the basement at home. Better yet, hire them to load a trailer on the night sort. See how minutes before they walk off the job.
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    CWA, SEIU ,UAW, Moveon.org, Transport Workers Union, United Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO are a few of the unions joining the Occupy Wall Street hang out.

    I thought Moveon.org was suppose to be in the business of re-electing Obama, yet they are protesting the country that Obama governs (so to speak)
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    You sound like management. Listen they dont want to work the night shift for your outfit. These young folks want something better thats why they are out there saying enough is enough!! Some might not be the most articulate but then again it seems certain media like to seek out the most wacky looking person and putting a mic in front of them. They might not have a thoughtout manifesto individually at this point, but that is what this movement is about: educating people on what is going on and then figuring out the way forward for the betterment of all-the 99%!!

    What would you do if you graduated college, have tons of debt and unemployment is in reality more like 15%!! But in reality this movement is growing beyond the youth that birthed it. Other voices and groups are joining it though not taking it over. All the diverse groups and colors and greeds and classes are coallescing around this movement.

    I just think it is people like yoou that are jealous of them for having the balls to be out there day after day, in the rain, eating pizza and bagels everyday. While you are stuck in your little job probably behind your little desk, playing with your numbers "working up a sweat"!!
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    Yes-- I have to believe that it would be better if people would shoot sperm--not bullets