On the subject of rewards…

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    On the subject of rewards…

    As some might know or learn of hearing, each HUB and center specializes in certain aspects of city/ town life. Whatever its residential or business, that UPS building fulfills the demands to keep that places economy moving, growing and over all expanding. Often, it sums up of that being one or two major districts. But not here in Orlando, Fl west side center.

    I always knew from the start we got the majority of volume on our side. As I said, we get the bulk of 50K+ a day, and our side specializes in a huge business complex which makes up the vast and expanding of Orlando. We are talking about Disney, Universal, International Dr., Downtown Orlando and all but one major malls in the area. Thusly stated before our center is the hardest to load in Florida if not in the top 5 in the country.

    Yet our side still seems to lack the major amounts of missloads the eastside gets each and every week. Come to learn that the other side gets rewards to those individuals who get no miss sorts on a weekly basis. Were talking about food from Denneys, clothing out of the UPS catalog and a vast array of other perks.

    I was outside during break talking with a 25 year vet. The center supervisor comes rolling up on a mule to join us. She starts talking about how she could do east side in her sleep and how we have it so hard. Although, left out of the conversation as the thought of it boils threw my head, she seemingly cant reward us for it as they do the other side.

    I don’t care about the free stuff mind you, it’s the principal of the matter. A reason beyond me, she cant bring it upon herself to give us any perks. The word benefits, sure we get health, dental and vision, but that word also means a lot more then just come bys already promised from UPS. And it reflects on to your employees as well. I’ve spoken with our sides residents and they knew along. And surly noted it dampers on their and my negativity towards our leadership.

    In fact Kissimmee and east side reward their workers. I’m not to sure about unload, sort and others. Perhaps Nim could fill me in on it. But all other centers reward other then our center. Often is stated that we don’t have anything in the Westside centers budget for anything, yet someone always says out loud “ oh yea, yet Kissimmee has enough to buy hotdogs each week for themselves. “.

    Supervision is just an utter complete lie, always and forever. It is not opinion, it is fact. I do apologize for my rant though. Just thought of it since the thread appeared about bringing back awards for drivers and the such.

    Thanks for reading!
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    If I want a hotdog, food from Dennys or clothes from the UPS catalog I buy it.

    On a side note it is common knowledge across the country that Orlando West is the only center where the employees work hard.
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    As I said, its the principal of the matter. I dont care about free stuff, in fact I hate getting free stuff.

    I'm sure there are plenty of hard workers for UPS. I truly know whats going on here, and that we are getting hosed on a weekly basis.

    I feel bad for you drivers though, you guys get hardly anything if nothing at all. The person running the show on our side knows nothing about morale or strenthing bonds between leardership and employment. Sure, ill do as you say, but being all buddy buddy with you at work or out on the streets is an entirely different story.
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    Rewards? Man those are virtually non existent on the midnight shift. Years ago the best rated areas would be given a little food, usually pizza, at break once a week. Now it usually comes down the the PT or FT sup going out of their way to do it themselves. With a few sweet rare exceptions. Man that was some delicious pulled pork the week after Christmas. We don't even get the occasional tshirt anymore for hitting exceptional numbers.

    Personally I don't mind this, but I know it bothers others. You get used to something, and it's gone so there's a shot to morale. *hint bring on the turkey debate*
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    Misloads are covered up to the point where you cannot tell who has how many relative to the next person. Sups working/shuttling misloads, drivers calling them in/not calling them in, other employees/sups/coverage throwing them in at end of AM...it's a game....which is why, as a preloader, it is pointless to discuss misloads..
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    Its good to here from the other shift about this. Recall saftey bucks? Turned mine in for a two tshirts 2 years ago, still havent got them yet.
    Talk about cook outs. We had one a few months ago, then were asked not to have any injuries until the end of November, two days left and someone breaks a finger. Of course thats a serious injury at work, but my tone is that everytime they promise one, it ends up in the last few days that someone gets hurt or reports it. Like someone reported getting a piece of dust in their eye, lame. And someone reported they swelled up because they were allergic to roses.

    Im just upset that they give all these other centers in our building good/ great stuff with minimal amounts and efforts. Last year I went 5 months without a missload, nothing for it.

    Yea a turkey at the end of the year would be nice again. Heh, Universal studios still gives out turkeys every year at christmas time, and their broke.
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    I agree, missloads mean nothing to me and others. The only ones that have it out for those people who do missload are people that get bonuses at the end of the year because of their numbers. They have written people up a couple of weeks ago for having too many of them. Amazing no one filed for harassment or that production isnt apart of the contract.

    As for people throwing in missloads, I know too well. The last week of peak this yeat a guy comes along with a overnight envelop, he showed it to me and I point over to a few cars. The guy sees the car then lays the parcel on the back on top of a stack. I went right after him and gave him a few words about it, that we will, can and do get in trouble over such things. Seen it many times, seen it happen to flawless loaders.