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    Has anyone ever reported harassment to the ethics point site?
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    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    Down here, 3 calls usually get results. Get a couple of coworkers to call and demand a visit from corporate. Tell them to talk to hourly employees, not just some fool manager. 1 800 220 4126.
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    Yes, said person was promoted to center manager. ;) it's a futile process. They have had numerous calls for harrassment, sexual hareassment and etc. Lord knows how many.
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    actually followed thru with formal complaint with EEOC. wouldnt accept as age discrimination,so eeoc followed thru as Hostile Environment complaint. i got more personal attetion from HR than you can imagine. the formal EEOC complaint really ruffled some feathers. i suffered no retaliation at all, in fact, i truly believe it offered me quite a bit of protection. unfortunately, sup, is still around but will not say one cross word to me. complaint ended with personal meeting with HR , sup,and eeoc hammering some agreement out with the official response i got, was along the lines of ups apologizes, not the way they run co. ,etc, and nothing else.. but, to your question, yes, if you have legit verifiable complaint, the EEOC is wonderfull way to go. it will get ups attention. good luck
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    dude, rather intense arent you? calm down, responded honestly about a guy who felt harassed and asked whether he ,she should report to corporate. i gave my honest answer based on personal history and whether or not he , she wants to follow my path or not?
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    Shift Inhibit He who laughs last didn't get it.

    Who are u talking to?! Lol
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    must be himself

    nobody else cares
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    some reply to my first post must have gotten deleted instantly.sorry burrhead if i messed up your night with a mistake
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  12. Boywondr

    Boywondr The truth never changes.

    It takes multiple 800 calls on the same issue or person to get things looked at.
    Outside agencies work to your favor more quickly.
    Couple them together and it normally closes the lid on it.
    The company hates outside agencies. We hate harassment.
    It's a great life.

    Dont forget to file a grievance. Paper trails are a prerequisite to get things done legally.