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I'm 64 years old. I've got 15 years of service with UPS. Over the years I've worked with a lot of great people. I still stay in touch with many who have left UPS years ago. It seems like no matter whats going on with the new contract many either love it or hate it. DAH. It follows that those attitudes are driven by what specific job title they hold. DAH. I've been talking with many part-timers who are going to vote yes. I understand why. A $2.00 an hour increase in pay immediately and possibly full heath care benefits sooner than they were originally told. It's immediate gratification. If they are going to stay at UPS it could be a disappointment to them that they didn't look at other issues that will impact their futures if they go full time. They are not looking down the road. I don't have many years left at UPS but I'm thinking about the future UPSers and how the current contract will affect their futures. So I'm voting no because UPS can tweek this contract so it will benefit them and us.


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When I was hired preload was 50 cents over minimum wage by 2023 it will still be 50 cents over minimum wage. It's not a good deal for part timers either