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    This is open enrollment for health care, please review your statement and make sure you are protected. The ole paperwork says you dont have to call if you dont want to change, but make sure everything is up to date and correct. I have heard that some people that have been out on disability might be dropped from some programs and the benefits department people DO NOT CARE if your get left out.
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    I just opened my letter the other day and was dismayed to learn that the company is changing my PPO with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield to a POS plan with Aetna.

    For anyone who has ever dealt with Aetna, they are everything that is wrong with managed healthcare today :sick:.

    I talked to my steward and he says the company has the right to this. This should be addressed in the next contract.
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    Unfortunately, this will be addressed in the next contract but not in the way that you may be thinking. I think that 2013 will see the employees start paying for a portion of their healthcare.

    As far as the insurance company, I don't see how the Teamsters can tell UPS what carrier they can use for their employees.
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    The sups pay, the pilots pay but they make 300k and pay 300 a month. This is one of the sticking points in our 4 year contract talks and we are doing everything to keep ours, I suggest you start telling the IBT that you are not willing to pay.
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    This is why they are called concessions. I would prefer a wage freeze over having to pay for health care.
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    don't mean to start a fight guys, but the writing is on the wall. The business model is breaking, and UPS is not competitive. Have not been for some time. Something is going to have to give in 2013 to get us off the long slow slide that GM took from number one undisputed champ of the world in the industry to bankruptcy.
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    brownIEman, I hate to break the news to you, the writing is in the contract, and we screwed our future part-timers by voting for the horrible language.

    The company is saving millions because the contract now offers health Insurance to part-timers after 1 year of service and to their dependents after 18 months. We no longer can hire that 20 to 30 something guy just looking for benefits for his family after 120 days. No one is going to stick around for $8.50 per hour unloading trucks, when they can make the same doing a lot less work at 30 years of age.

    We now hire kids who live with their grandmother and could care less about the Health Insurance and they don't stick around long enough to collect. This was brilliant on the part of UPS. We sold our future help down the comode, by caring for only ourselves. You are correct, we will be next. It will probably be the regular part-timers loosing the benefit, or at the very least all of us paying for it.

    I was told by management that they don't even care about attendance for these new hires. They just over staff for call ins because anyone with less than a year that does not come to work is not costing the company money. Attendance has not been kept ever since.

    I do not see how the company can poor mouth after what they have saved in health benefits from this last contract.
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    Upstate the medical plan is negotiated during the contract talks. Here it was agreed that we would keep the same medical plan that we had for the Full timers and part timers would keep their medical only change where the benefits came out of to get the best rate. So instead of BCBS of Illinois it could be BCBS of Florida.

    Any changes during the contract is a cut and dry violation and should only be done after a vote by the employees!
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    What you see in this contract is exactly what I am talking about. UPS' expenses are too high to remain competitive. So in this past contract UPS tried to get some costs down. The union protected the drivers and gave up the part timers like sacrificial lambs. Funny how that changed from '97 when it was all about the poor part timers, huh?

    In any case, the problem is that while yes, UPS is saving millions on the year delay in health care for new hires, the problem is in the hundreds of millions if not billions. This will not be enough.

    Personally, I think it sucks, and I am a bit shamed every time I have to tell a less than one year part timer that he does not get the benefits yet.

    As for the 20-30 somethings that are just after the coverage for their family, I will tell you this is the one silver lining in the Companies and Unions deal to screw the part timers. Stopping the hiring of those people is the best thing that has happened to UPS in the past several years. I have worked with and supervised many employees who were working part time at UPS just for the benefits. In my experience, they all, without a single exception, did not give two craps about doing a good job for UPS and thus were horrible employees, showing up the barest minimum amount and giving the barest minimum effort that they could get away with.

    I would rather higher the young kids who have no desire to stick around. I was hired by UPS in 1991, I was in college and lived with my grandmother. I not only did not care about the health insurance, I did not know about it and was stunned when they gave me the forms to sign up. I had absolutely no plans to stay with UPS as a career. Funny how things work out sometimes...
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    I am confused--I always thought it was UPS' contribution to Health and Welfare that was negotiated during contract talks, not the specific insurance carrier.

    Our insurance is administered by the NYS Teamsters and is with BC/BS of Central New York. We just received new ID cards because the Teamsters has given permission to BC/BS to have us pay a $10 co pay for office visits and $100 co pay for ER visits.
  11. 705red

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    Upstate its possible that it varies from area to area. What I wrote covers our area.
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    Don't tell Jimstud this. Apparently his local is one of the few remaining that still has 6 motnhs until H/W kicks in and is blind to anyone or any other areas else that exists.
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    any time i posted about insurance i said my local , i do not know about supplements in other states. by the way sleeve you still telling teamsters they don't get their teamster health insurance till they have been with the company 1 year?
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    Expect a 3 day ride after I run your route boy you are a teamster i want standing right beside me.
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    Unfortunately we are one of the last private companies, outside utility companies with a captive market, to provide a traditional job with a pension, decent pay, and benefits.

    Wall Street will definitely not reward us for doing this. FedEx ground is the company they will reward.

    The question is, will UPS follow the example of Costco where the customer comes first and they even put employees ahead of the shareholders? We all know the answer to that.

    Another possibility; the top shareholders in this company slowly but surely siphon of the profits, sell their shares, and flush this company down the toilet.

    Maybe they will just force us into a strike one day, forcing an ultimate showdown where we bow to their demands or they lock us out and start from scratch. Thanks to PAS/EDD, it won't be impossible to do.

    Probably what will happen to us is what is happening to the YRC employees. Give backs and concessions.

    I just want to know who will be purchasing the services of all these companies who keep throwing labor under the bus? Surely not those of us who are under the bus!

    Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but I don't have much faith in this company, or humanity while we are at it.
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    Is UPS not competitive due to drivers making $30.00 an hour or is the buss model that UPS has adopted of not really caring for customer service? Let's say, we gave the company five or ten dollars per hour back, would they in turn bring back service to where it once was? Come on we know the answer, UPS is trying to screw over the employees and as a consequence the customer as well.
  17. TechGrrl

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    In general, (NOT in the airline) supervisors and managers make less than you do. NOT 300K per year, for sure!
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    The 300k is for a top pay Captain so figure what 300 bucks a month is to them. If I make 100k then I would pay 100 bucks a month, now ups wants me to make 75k and pay 400 a month for health care. That aint happening if I have anything to do with it. I had an AOT tell me that she had to drop her son due to her pay would be 0 if she covered him, I dont see her check stub but I have heard from others that AOT, admins etc etc have had a change in coverage from who they can use, how much deductable they have per year.
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    Yes, UPS is not competitive because drivers are making $30/hour. OR more accurately, UPS is not competitive because UPS drivers make $30/hour and their counterparts in other companies make more like $20.

    Customer service? That has been tried before. Just put more drivers on, lighten their work load and give them the flexibility to go above and beyond for the customer. Then customers will jump on board to give us the packages we will be charging them 30% more than the competition does to do basically the same thing.

    UPS is not trying to screw anybody. UPS is trying to survive and not go the way of GM. To say UPS is trying to screw labor when they pay their labor so much more than anyone else in the industry is just plain insulting.

    If the model of high cost, high price and high level of service where a good model for competing in the general marketplace, Wal-mart would have gotten their clock cleaned years ago.
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    ups is still making billions of dollars a year profit that's right i said billions. you make that money because of your drivers , preloaders , unloaders and everyother teamster that moves the cardboard. stop whining profits are done thay are everywhere but unlike most other companies ups is still turning a huge profit.comparing ups to gm is so retarded it is not even funny,gm had been going down the tubes for decades because of mismanagement and an inferior product. although the management team at ups is about inept as the management team at gm your teamsters workers bail your worthless rear ends every brownIEman go back to your pocket protector and slide rule and keep screwing up routes.