ORION!!! What a mess...

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  1. pissedoffupser

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    So who else has Orion in their center? They are putting it into my center now and it is causing more trouble than it is worth. The Orion guy has been on my truck 5 times now and he still can't get it to work correctly. From what I am seeing, it may cut a couple of miles a day, but the time it causes drivers to search through the trucks looking for packages, making left hand turns all day across busy roads, and back tracking, I can't see how it saves money. In fact, I worked an extra 45 min 2 of the days with the same amount of stops. I would love to hear some other stories to see how it is working for everyone else.
  2. jumpman23

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    Their idiots for even thinking its going work. Just look at this way ups just gave you a big raise lol.
  3. The Blackadder

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    I have a bulk route and have no idea how this is going to work. No way I can do an air and dig out in my 8000 section also without moving 50 packages.
    If I just ignore ORION will the DIAD just let me work as I want to?
  4. jumpman23

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    We don't have it either but have heard horror stories about it. They know it aint going to work but they insist on putting it in. Im a kill em every night with it.
  5. Indecisi0n

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    I refuse to use it. It's not safe starting in the rear of the truck.
  6. 728ups

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    Between HORRIBLE loads (both on car misloads as well as off area misloads ), routes being cut every day and the resulting dispatches that make ZERO sense as well , a trace that is So whacked out we are ordered not to follow it, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for Orion! We are supposed to be getting it in January,and I am looking forward to it!! Most drivers already run at least an Hour Over every day and it will be even better in the mornings when the sups ask"what happened yesterday???" and I can reply I followed YOUR plan to the letter,you tell me! It's gonna be OSSUM
  7. Cementups

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    It's always smarter to work the front end before the back end. ;)
  8. Indecisi0n

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    I was always trained to empty the front shelves and move my work up. That's the smartest and safest way to work so that's how I do it. Of course if my moron dispatch puts a business in the 8k ill dig it out later in the day but I never start on rear shelves.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    ORION = New toy with metrics included in the box. And just like any other new toy it will be pushed aside once its newness wears off. Just like telematics.
  10. You can toggle between Orion and Edd, but they insist that we follow Orion by 85%. (Sound familiar? Edd started the same way and then they finally gave up on the stupid percentage and just told us to use Edd as a tool...not an absolute).

    There are ways to manipulate the percentages though, like using your "tag" to start a new section and return later. It's only one trace break as long as you go back to the beginning of the trace....even if it would make more sense to run it backwards. Also, as long as you remain on the same street, you can technically run it in any order without making a trace break. So you can go up one side and down another of a busy street making right hand turns as usual, but you're screwed if you have to hit any side streets. And even though they want you to run air in their order, it doesn't count as a break if you don't.

    From what I've found, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference on routes with light bulk and lots of resi's. But it's a nightmare on rural areas and bricked out trucks. And for some reason it seems to intentionally piss of business customers. For example, I have a business that literally fills my truck with pickups almost daily. On my day of training, we drove by it 3 times before we delivered there (while making the pickup). When they asked what was going on, the Orion genius told them that from now on they will need to pay for air service if they want their stuff delivered on a normal schedule because the routes were changing.

    I can understand not driving 5 miles to cater to the local lawnmower shop, but it was obvious we were blowing off a major shipper and not saving a single mile. The only possible reason was to make it an on area pickup or force them to use premium service. Now why would a company pay more to use us if they can get the same crappy service from FedEx for cheaper? This Orion thing probably won't last long...I just hope we don't lose too many customers before they scrap it. By the way, we've already had some satellite routes that were told NOT to follow Orion because drivers were running out of DOT hours when they followed it. Brilliant!
  11. MethodsMan

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    It makes sense for rural routes. Bulky city routes it sounds like its a cluster:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:
  12. I originally thought the same thing, until I drove a rural route with it. My 3rd grader could play connect the dots with shorter lines than this genius program.
  13. cosmo1

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    Yep. I got ORION three weeks before I retired on my rural trip. I played with it for a while, then ran the route my way and beat the miles every day.
  14. sortaisle

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    The main problems arise from the way the program gets the next closest stop...it's as the crow flies not the closest street route. And the point of it is not to shorten your day, the point of ORION is to save gas. And they don't do it by cutting milage on routes, they do it by cutting routes. Since it's started, we've had about 8 routes cut out at least 3 days a week between the centers over here.
  15. porkwagon

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    I follow it during resi's. I don't even look at it until airs and bulk are off. Once they're off I'll make an attempt to follow it but won't if it makes no sense (for business stops.) I usually have about 100 resi stops left at about 2pm, which is when the center wants us to call misloads in, so whilst looking for misloads, I will set up the rest of the 100 or so resis stop for stop according to the orion list. I've been averaging 89% trace doing it this way.
  16. Stran

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    We were one of the first centers to get ORION. We are instructed to follow it even when it makes no sense. The dispatch is by stops now, and by what ORION says it should take you to run the work...not by what it actually takes to run the work. I have gone from a mini of 125 stops to 140 and max of 140 now 170. Same route, same stops, different order and it actually takes longer to follow ORION trace. Just another way to dispatch fewer routes with more stops. Average paid day is now 11+ hours...they almost always have to send someone to get my air. I can beat the miles and the time doing it the old way but I'm instructed to follow ORION. Work as instructed..it is there company$$$:wink2:
  17. Ouch

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    It's a game if you play it you win. Run it like they want you too and reep the benefit. Winning the game=more money. It amazes me sometimes that we have been in business this long. They tell me 85% there going to get 85% and when I'm 2.5-3.0 hours overalowed I'm sure to tell them I'm running it just like you told me too.
  18. Brownslave688

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    I just love how drivers can't be trusted to do their jobs. We don't trust the part timers. Don't trust the center manager to run his/her center properly. It's amazing any of us made it this far in life. We don't know how to anything.
  19. giggity

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    dude you are in for such a rude awakening!

    orion doesn't care about your load or how it's set up. it doesn't 'optimize' your truck or your edd or your rdo, it only screws up how you are supposed to deliver your day's route. it's different from day to day. plus, it doesn't know the diff between left and right, up or down, odd or even, or biz and resi. you will have to go from your 1000 shelf to 6000 shelf to 3000 back to 1000 ..... and so on. you'll be making useless left hand turns all day, even if you'll be coming back in that direction later ... IT IS
    on my route, if I follow it I have late air and missed biz AND I drive extra miles, if I don't follow it I make all service and have less miles ~ but I get bitched at either way I choose to go.

    papa johns probably has a better system than this, but since mgt has already paid for it, they're gonna cram it down our throats no matter what!
  20. The Blackadder

    The Blackadder Are you not amused?

    Will Orion fix the dispatch, or do I still get 5 streets in the middle of another drivers route?