"our future" thinking out loud ...

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    I know Roads has been designed for "pure" areas only.
    Everyone used to think this would protect their jobs for awhile since how many routes do just pure P1 , SO, etc., and that obviously the software had some "maturing" to do.
    It is becoming clear that ROADS is exactly what it is ready for.
    Part time routes will be running simply p1, with everybody else starting say at 10,11,12....whatever to then run a ROADS sos route and maybe some pups.
    There sure will be some major route restructuring, with plenty of fulltimers being offered part time p1 positions.
    Your hope as you grow older (if you stay) will be for some B.S. route that starts at 10 and is done by 6, all for seven and a half per day if you are lucky.
    This will lead to the attrition without layoffs R1A has continually spoken of.
    Again, I'm just "thinking out loud"..

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    I'm not sure it's a ROADS thing, but I have been thinking if that late morning shift as well. I'm just not sure how you run an am sort with part timers (me being one ) .we only have 4 handlers.
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    if you want to see our future, head down to the local WalMart. To save money, we're ditching the current uniform and will all be issued blue vests. Scrooge McSmith has it all figured-out.