Our legal system is %$#$%!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 705red, Mar 31, 2010.

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    The next time this group shows up somewhere they need to be beaten like they stole something. FOr them to picket the funerals of our dead soldiers and then hide behind laws that soldiers have died for so they can "legally" hurt a family at their saddest time is unthinkable.

    The judeg also needs a beating for this ruling, maybe they can show up at his next family funeral.
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    I think someone posted a video in a current events thread that had an interview with one of the leaders of that church . I was curious and looked into the church a little more. I see that theologically, they are more sound than many churches. That doesn't mean they are right. It just shows how a literal reading , divorced from any moral checks, can turn a bunch of people into a bigger bunch of a-holes than they were before.

    I found the video, if you decide to watch, make sure your food is completely digested.


    Amazing, when an issue can cause 705red and tieguy to be agreement. It is even more amazing that this issue can unite Hannity and me in agreement. It is incredible that it is an issue that can unite Hannity and Colmes as well.

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    +1 .. Maybe if we where able to schedule some judge beatings they would think about some the rediculous rulings before they make them.
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    Here is a video form his father who is still fighting this up to the SUpreme Court. He also has a website where we can donate to assist him in his fight. His attorneys are representing him for free, but he pays all the expenses plus now the fees of these wack jobs.

    Hope you can donate a little and send a message that this father is right!


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    Thanks for posting that link, red. I will donate.
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    Bill O'reilly said on his show last night that he would be paying for this dad's expenses.
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    This idiot woman makes some of the muslim radicals look like rational, peaceful religionist IMO. It ain't just the muslims that use religion to it's worse ends! I'm not a fan of Hannity and Combs but those guys should have ripped her up and spat her out. Combs was correct that sunlight is the best disinfectant! Where ever this church is, the folks in that town should refuse to engage in any business whatsoever including selling them food. Harsh? Yep but one is free to use peaceful harsh in a free society if they so choose IMO.

    Sad thing is, as wrong as it is/was to deny business because of someone's race, the structure of later law to combat those wrong choices, as wrong as they were to good economics, would likely come back to haunt those today who tired to use economics as a means to self regulate proper behavior in society. Life can have it's double edged sword and in this case it most likely does.


    BTW: I'm against the "political and foreign policy" of the gov't war machine that takes us there, but this is one cause I'm in on and others should be as well.

    again jmo

    RIP Matthew
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    Well, no matter what side you are on, the right or left at least it looks like the people on this forum feel the same about these kinds of people. I have listened to Shirley on Howard Stern and she makes me sick. I can't beleive people do this kind of crap. No matter how I feel about the war, weather we should be their or not, I hate to see any young man or woman killed. I feel for the families because they never signed up for this garbage.
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    Besides Bill paying the bill for him i just saw that since the interview on Fox that his website has got a ton of hits and donations. The Father said he got over 3000 emails last night telling him to keep up the fight. I would like to see a law in place that bans any disturbance of a funeral. Im for free speach but these nutjobs are way out of line.
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    This is the problem with religion in this country. The right wing embraces them when they try to inject themselves into politics and they side with republicans. On the other hand, when they do something like this protest at the dead (homosexual) marine, they are called idiots, loons and other names.

    You cant have it both ways.

    Separation of church and state should apply in ALL ASPECTS of this country.

    This church group feels strongly about homosexuality and since they are involving themselves in every other argument in politics, why not at the funerals of soldiers who "they" feel are the enemy of god?

    I read all the hoopla about the judges, but why no anger over the church group that causes this whole mess.

    The plantiffs won the case and the defendants have to pay the court costs. This is the law of the land. why should the judges be held responsible for this church groups actions??

    Your anger should be directed at this particular branch of religious beliefs and not the court systems.

    Maybe we can all agree that separation of church and state should be the law of the land, and not just something to say when its convenient.

  13. 705red

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    The father will now refuse to pay until the Supreme court hears the case. But on another note this same group plans on picketing a funeral today in florida. I hope they catch a beating.
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    We have had Rev Phelps and his church in my town twice. The first time they came to protest it was because we had an openly gay mayor. The second time it was because the local high school put on a play that had, for lack of a better term, gay content. Their first protest drew a lot of counterprotests and got pretty heated. The second one the weather was awful and was pretty much a non-event.

    I don't deny anyone the right to express their views but protesting at a funeral is the lowest of the low.
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    I consider a funeral a very private matter and also needs protecting.
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    I'm not a big O'reilly fan but he's doing the right thing here. Good on him.
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    On the video I posted, Shirley Phelps Roper thanked God for 9-11, dead soldiers, and I.E.D.'s. I wonder what her spoken words would be if a jet engine landed on her church while it's members were in attendance and left 90 people dead with 10 alive, including leaving her as a cripple. Would she be thanking God for airplanes, aviation mishaps, and death and destruction?

    I doubt that the answer would be yes. If she did thank God for such a thing, I would praise her for at least being ideologically consistent.

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    WOW! Watched both videos. Very upset as to how that lady is conducting herself and representing God. She is more like a cultist than a Christian. Alls she spreads is hate and judgement not love. Acting like she is God. She forgot to read the part of the bible that says dont judge. Their are much better ways to communicate her message than hers for absolute sure. I really wish they didnt give all the publicity to her that they did. I bet most fellow Christians would share my outrage of this.
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    Im all for free speech, but they are taking it way too far. They couldn't care less about the constitution. It is only a way to push their ideals and ajenda on the public. There needs to be a law to ban harassment of any memorial service. Say within 10 miles of said service 3 days prior and 24 hours after. That otta do it.
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    Seems the feelings are pretty unnamious towards these :censored2:-for-brains.

    Mark it down as I think history might have been made!


    I won't go so far as to call for a law because they have a way of biting you back where you don't want but I clearly understand the feeling.