Our Pensions targeted by our own leaders!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by rudy5150, Aug 29, 2013.

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    The real problem is orphaned workers. There are to many piglets and not enough teets. If these workers had been in a single employer plan they would have already been turned over to the government and be getting there checks from them. Demanding that those company's left and there workers lose 60% (and growing) of the money's being put into a fund for THEM is an outrage. This pension fix to clean the books of pension obligation for workers from companies longs since gone is LONG over due.
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    Issues like this keep many of us in the CSPF working a few more years, there's so much grey area full of rumors as well as facts regarding my pension. All I can do is keep maxing out my 401K and Roth accounts each year till I'm comfortable knowing there's enough money in my control to enablement me to retire. Have a number in my mind that should allow me do this in a couple years.
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    My pension fun is 103.61% funded. Just saying
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    Smart man.
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    How long do you think that will last? Just asking. If it is when you retire I will send you a thirty-pack of Genesee.
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    Sounds awesome. Not everyone is as lucky. I got an idea, lets drop everyone into one pension pool. Just like the healthcare. Those getting 4k+ a month could go down to a lower amount. Those who get the smallest amount would go up to the new level. You know, so everyone gets the same thing.
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    I like where you are going with this...

    While we are at it... we should pay everyone the same wage, give everyone the same amount of hours per week, and give everyone the same amount of vacation.

    We should also require everyone to have a full head of brown hair with the same haircut, and everyone should have hazel eyes. We should all be 6' tall and everyone should be required to have the same skin color.

    Everyone now needs to change their name to Joe S, and drive the same type of car, and live in the same type of house
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    I think we have a candidate for "best post ever". Lol?
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    To tell you the truth I don't mind Genesee at all. It's acquired taste that I acquired form hanging out with my wife's grandfather Earl. It's all he ever drank. I started out making fun of it and grew to appreciate it. Maybe it was his old stories of playing against negro league players back in the day or his depression era stories but I'd love to have those times back. May God bless you for making me remember those days.
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    I would vote for this in a hurry.
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    Me too....our pension is in critical status..something lime 52 % funded....40 years and out??..maybe
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    Don't knock the Krausening! Cream Ale is good!
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    I commend you for saying this. Most, I believe, would not be willing to give up a well funded pension in order to save the critical pension funds.
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    As a man early in his career and still part time at that, this pension talk concerns me. And to be honest I haven't started my 401k yet, and don't know much about it. In my personal experience, along with other things, the pension is a big reason to keep UPS as my career. I know where to go to educate myself on 401k options but what about the pension, how do you all keep up with what is going on with it?
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    We all recieve roughly the same hourly contributions into our pension. Its just that some regions invested those dollars better.
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    wow, I'm in luck my name is Joe S have three quarter head of hair with touch of gray,green eyes 6'1"
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    Well aware of the that. There are also other numbers at play in the equation. Some funds are multi-employer. Some funds pay out more and so on.
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    Hey , I fit most of those things listed .
    But I retain the right to choose my own beer .
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    I personally like the regional differences, it allows us the choice of how our funds are distributed on a more local level. I dont like it when people try and take away that privilege of choice