what happens to overgoods?? several of the drivers tell me they go to a overgoods warehouse and are sold by the trailer load but no one can find out where the warehouse is..thanks,keith


Thats because it is a deep dark secret. We would have to make you disappear if we told you where it is.



I don't know if there are other warehouses or not, but we have overgoods warehouse in the Kansas City, MO area. It is a salvage company that apparently also matches overgoods with the tracers for lost merchandise. It then ships out the found items with us daily. Sometimes they fill up a P1000 by themselves. They also have accounts with other truck lines. They have auctions every Thursday night. Some people from here buy things sight unseen. They just buy a skid load of stuff, and take thier chances, and then turn around and sell stuff on e-bay.

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If you want to go buy back your "lost items" just go to eBay and browse

BARGAINLAND! : The #1 Auction Liquidator on the Internet is their URL

They sell all of Canada, Germany and the USA's overgoods for $1.00 opening bid to anyone!!

So in summary, if you lost your valuable engagement ring...guess where it ends up. Great disposal method for such an important piece of your life. ;)


All of the overgoods that I process are sent to Utah. I don't know specifically where in Utah because I've never cared to look that closely at the label.

Overgoods are sold on ebay. They don't do the trailer load thing anymore. A new overgoods system was initiated recently (within the last 2 months). The new overgoods program is great and easy to use.


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Yeah Utah. I called out there looking for a wheelchair that got "lost" once and they had like 152 of them. Needless to say I was unsuccessful in locating the right one.


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Well I've been recently trained to do overgoods with the new A.R.E.S system and can tell you as others have said, Yep the loose and unknown overgoods goes to some place in Missouri, where I heard it gets auctioned off by the truckload. Lots of crap and lots of good stuff, you never know what you'll get (probably lots of screws and stuff since that falls out of packages ALL the time) :wink:


I just bought something on ebay which had an overgoods sticker on it. I never heard of "overgoods" so I did a Google search and found this site. The item was shipped from Missouri.

Oh, and by the way its a piece of junk -- not what I paid for. I will try to get my money back.


what happens to overgoods?? several of the drivers tell me they go to a overgoods warehouse and are sold by the trailer load but no one can find out where the warehouse is..thanks,keithIt depends upon which Overgoods you're talking about. The main one in the US is in Kansas City, MO, but there is also one in Calfornia, too, and a few smaller ones scattered around.
Yes, the stuff is put into trailers and auctoned off sight unseen. If you are the lucky bidder for the trailer of electronis, you might get a bunch of cell phones, computers, and maybe even a flat screen plasma TV. If you bid on the one full of shoes, you'll get every kind of shoe imagineable. Kind of neat if you can afford to do it. Then you can recoup your money by taking everything to the flea market. :money:


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When you come across overgoods just look left right left and then put them in your pocket:funny:

For those that think I'm serious . . . . . I'm just kidding!!!


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in the future please reroute all over goods to
C/o The White House
Washington, DC

He claims that only he can fix all of the worlds problems .


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everything goes to a warehouse in kansas city were it is classified and put into a database. if no one claims the lost items in 9 months they are auctioned on ebay by a 3rd party.

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I always liked overgoods around christmas time. Seemed like that a box of chocolate or cookies were always in my center manager office...... lol