P.A.S. Coming to our center-Any advice?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by musicman, Jul 15, 2006.

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    P.A.S. will hit our center in the Fall sometime. I am seeking advice from all of you on how I can make the transition smoother. I have been given a copy of the D.O.L. and was told to look it over. My supervisor wants me to start helping them with the trace of my route. Luckily I have a rural route that consists of a small town and the outlying areas, mostly farms etc.. I am the only driver in my area. I run around 90 stops a day and 135 miles. I have around 12 pickup stops and pickup about 30 pkgs a day. I am being told my route wont change much since I am the only driver in my area. Any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. I have been with Ups for 15 years and have been driving for 13 years. Thanks in advance and glad to be here.
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    OH BOY, where do I start.......lol
    Its totally different than sorting your own stuff, the 1st day will be rough and just communicate constantly with your sup about stuff that needs changing.........it requires alot of patience!
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    I happen to like alot of the things associated with PAS. I like knowing how many pieces I should have for a stop, etc. Also, stop counts are more accurate, however, a year later, I am still running about 60% trace, and my miles are about the same. When I ran trace, i added about 30 miles. Which just barely got the new diads, and I like the fact they scan better, however, I hate the shift key. (just like everyone else).
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    I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing being in a rural area. Here's why. Seeing that you do only 90 stops a day, the preloader may be able to load your car stop for stop, which will be a great advantage. On the flip side, the powers that be will say each route needs an extra 10 stops. And to me, it sounds like an extra 10 stops will be an extra hour of work for you. In theory PAS is good, but if you're the only driver in town and your route IS the town there is no way to make it more efficient and you're the one that is going to get screwed. Just my opinion...
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    The main difference in most centers is that the stop counts are much more accurate. It is sometimes worth its weight in gold to know how many pieces you have at a certain stop, too, because you know if you're missing one or two packages due to a preloader losing their mind and loading them in different sections. Most big centers have been on loop dispatch for years so the area trace- the order that your stops are loaded in- shouldn't hardly change at all. If your center is so small that they are behind in "looping" it you might find it affecting you more than most, but since you're running a lot of routes I doubt that even relooping your center will change your area much. The Preload needed all the "assist" they could get in our building so it was pretty much all good except for off area misloads at first. The preloaders don't need to memorize their sequence numbers anymore so it is much easier to train new people, and coverage loaders, and the loads are more consistent between one preloader and another now. That's because there were a lot of "custom" loads that the preload used to do (at drivers requests) that were often times kinda goofy after months or years of changing the load from the original area trace to what different drivers just preferred. I have covered areas that had been loaded backwards so the regular driver could end up at a spot on his area so he could eat at a certain place, etc. It was a worse way to run that route than it was supposed to be, but he liked it because of a girl that worked there!
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    What you guys on this forum are calling PAS, we call EDD. I'm sure it's the same thing, just a different name. I have a route very similar to yours. I was running about 100 to 110 stops per day 3 pickups w/ about 20 pieces picked up and doing about 120 to 125 miles. On any given day I would come in anywhere from scratch to 30 min underallowed. Once EDD commenced, from day one my stop count went up to 130 to 135 and I was getting beat by two to two and a half hours daily. Six months later, after a time study (only 120 stops that day, the driver next to me had to suffer w/ a blind split) I gained one hour. This still left me overallowed by an hour or so on most days.
    Since the time study my route's been readjusted somewhat, my max is supposed to be 145 but I normally get dispatched between 150 and 160, I'm still overallowed most of the time and more often than not I come in over 9.5.
    There are some good aspects to this new system. Just get used to being dispached a lot heavier than you are now and getting a much smaller allowance for what you do.
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    music man As I see it you can try to be helpfull as we all did 2 years ago, but even though you give them a good D.O.L. once it goes in it will get all screwed up anyway....nothing seems to help no matter what we do.. hopefully the one doing dispatching is a reasonable person or you're all screwed, not only that but they will change the routes all around, we had 65 drivers eligible to bump after the routes were changed so much I personally was glad to be a cover driver when it wqent in we had drivers with 20 years on a route getting bumped off... the shame of it is this could be the best thing ever for us until UPS got their hands on it
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    Don't bother sorting out your DOL,they don't listen to you,they know everything.Your stop count will increase,your hours will increase,you will still have to sort,you will hear the words "no help available" often,you will waste your breath trying to plead your case.It doesn't matter if the diad says you are missing a pkg,you will waste time looking for it and it won't even be your vehicle. I could go on...........
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    Nope they are different...PAS..Preload Assist System, the system utilized with UDC to print label.

    EDD is Enhanched (sp?) Diad Download, this is the trace portion that determines the trace and how you run your route.

    The systems work together, but it is two different things.
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    "P.A.S. Coming to our center-Any advice? "

    RUN!!! Or take all your vacation.
  11. UPSBOI

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    Bring your crying towels you will need them!
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    Thanks for the clarification rngri4. PAS must refer to those little labels they sometimes completely cover the barcode with or sometimes put on the wrong package altogether, so that if you're not careful and checking each and every delivery label could cause a misdelivery.
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    This new system has you set up to fail from the get go You will find buss stops in your 8000 section (last stops of the day). But, a good trained driver will know to look for these around 2pm so you dont have missed pkgs.

    On good days EDD is call Eddie, and when I'm pissed his name is Edward. Edd will make you so much $$$$ if you are willing to follow their plan or numbers. You will have to turn a blind eye when you pass the same house three times before you can make your delv. attempt.

    Rember that is what your getting paid to do is follow EDD becase EDD knows best not the drivers.
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    PAS PIECE A SH--!!!

    any info you give them is ignored, one way streets are not one way,splits are set up going across main streets instead of parallel with each other.
    you could be delivering more than one town and as usual the pickups dont count as stops!!!!!!!!!
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    P.A.S. "paycheck assist system"
  16. Mrbill,

    It will be as good or as bad as you and your center team make it. With luck you have some on road supervisors (or at least one) that has run the routes in the center. You will be taking the same corrections to your on road team and dispatch supervisor 2, 3 or 10 times, STAY CALM AND DONT GIVE UP. It is a new system for everyone and EVERYONE involved will make mistakes. I know there are 5% of drivers out there that threw their hands up from day one (the same ones that never stalled their car when they learned to drive a stick shift or NEVER made a mistake on road).
    It is INCREDIBLE and scary what the smallest error in the system can create. It can get ugly in a hurry and there will be days when it does. One positive, whoever handed your DOL to you at least received word of the importance of driver involvement. Not getting driver involvement was a mistake made around the country and set the whole thing back at LEAST a year.
    One last note, if you get overruled on how to route a section of your route, PLEASE do not give in without a "fight". If you are sure you can save miles or time by doing it a certain way take your idea to the dispatch sup, on road team, center manager, division manager, whoever will listen!!!!!
    Nobody knows your route better than you and noone knows your customers better than you. Be open to the new ideas but dont trust the system will know the above better than you. And i beg you, dont throw your arms up in frustration and give up. Someone, somewhere had to teach you along the way and hopefully they didnt do that. Union, management, part time, full time, none of those BS classifications matter, what matters is making the system work to fend off our NON UNION competition. That way all of the over priced management can continue to fight over paid drivers internally and we will all continue on LOL
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    Get your over 9.5 grevance form ready.:w00t:
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    I have a bit of advice that might save you a ton of aggravation. When looking through EDD in the AM, if lists a NDA that looks like a bad address or a stop that would be unlikely to get a NDA, go to your truck and check it out. It probably has a bad PAL. When using ASD's, I believe the PAL label has to be created manually and we all know how difficult it is to read a person's handwriting. The person applying the PAL is going to look in the system for the nearest match address. And 95% of the time this in incorrect. You''ll end up driving to the other side of town at 1030 to deliver a NDA that isn't even yours and now you behing 1/2 hour.
  19. rngri4

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    That is always a good one, the people who "SPA" and put the labels on are clueless. Even better, our clerk printed out all the center call tags and one time pickups the other day, on a printer with low toner, so they all had to punched in by the drivers.
  20. disneyworld

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    Our management team just says "Leave,you don't have to work here". Get used to the color RED,affectionately known as BLEEDING.