P/T Sups - No Overtime?

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    I'm not 100% sure of this, but apparently my center put out a letter in response of a p/t sup entering his overtime into PTRS yesterday saying NO overtime at all this peak. Before we really get into this I already know the whole "We signed up for this, they can do what they want" etc etc and I know we don't have union backing, but in a legality sense, can they really tell us, especially during peak where overtime can run 2-3 hours a day, not to put overtime into PTRS? I just don't see how UPS can be above all and tell us we will/can not get paid for any hours worked over 5.5. I can't imagine they can threaten to fire us because then that sounds like a lawsuit in the making. They'll end up paying out more in a lawsuit then if they just gave us our time worked. I can understand during the summer, the slow season, you shouldn't really be working overtime as it is, but during peak where you can come in as early as 1am and work til 9am? Gimmie a break. I'm just curious if its just our center being d-bags or UPS as a whole.
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    How is that a lawsuit in the making? I don't understand.
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    Put it in anyway and tell your center manager "It is what it is." Don't be scared, they won't fire you until January.
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    considering the company line on integrity, you should record what you actually do. then keep any and all documents when you get threatened to change it or when someone else changes it. most of the payroll systems record all changes and have a way to audit and document any changes. find out how to do that and save what you find. if someone is changing the numbers it will be their problem more than yours. work hard, but not for free and fear not the truth in all things.
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    That was just plain mean!:happy-very:
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    :happy-very: I thought it was quite funny.
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    Why don't you just go home after you've done your 5.5 hours for the day. If they don't want you to report any OT, then don't work any OT. If they want you to work OT and not report it, that violates not only integrity issues but also labor law. Like the others say, the payroll system records changes and you should also keep track of all your hours for when the crap hits the fan.
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    Sounds like you get to look over your shoulder for the rest of your working career at UPS. I can't imagine that your center manager can get away with it. Send an anonymous email to your division manager or use hub mail to send an anonymous note to your division manager and tell him/her about your issue and see what happens. I would say as well that if you wait for a little while, management changes an awful lot so you wont have to deal with him for very long anyway.
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    We had this issue in our hub with a bunch of employees. We were being told to come in every Tuesday at 0330 to have a meeting, but were told to put into PTRS that our start time was 0400 (losing 30min every Tuesday so we wouldn't go over 5.5hrs.) Someone tipped off the DM and lets just say that problem got fixed.

    You know I do have one question. I was talking to our finance guy and he was telling me that overtime for PT Sups doesnt start until you work over 8 hours a day on any given day, however my HR manager told me it starts at 5.5. I figured that the 5.5 was the accurate one because if you try to put in more then 5.5 into PTRS it prompts you with the notorious WHY?! So does anyone know when it actually starts?

    In our hub they authorized as much overtime as we wanted starting 01 Dec.
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    Its after 275 you get premium pay...
    techinicallly youre a salaried position.....
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    I totally understand that I'm on salary. I just wasn't sure on when exactly they started forking out the premium pay.:happy2:
  12. Hi. I'm a part-time supervisor also. I have been having the same problem! I am working 37-40 hours a week and not getting paid more than 27.5. I got yelled at today for being "a winy bitch" for wanting to get paid my overtime by the preload full time supervisor. I was also accused of instigating trouble because some of my fellow supervisors have been complaining about it as well. What should we do? :sick:
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    Quit being a "winy bitch":wink2: Just kidding- I would think in this day and age management would refrain from using the B word. It could get costly
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    I am guessing your FT sup is probably peeved because he is salaried, works well over 70 hours a week and makes $5 an hour. Just for that comment I would go out of my way to be an whiny bitch even more.
  15. Unfortunately, I usually work more hours than he does. I usually come in before him and leave after him every day. He used to say a lot of sexual comments to me until I freaked out on him enough that I threatened to go to a lawyer. Now he doesn't say anything sexual to me anymore but he does find time out of his day, everyday, to call me up to his office to yell at me about something he has made up for the day. Today it was that and that I was doing homework on the job. Which is soooo untrue! It's sad, I was hoping working in a male dominated environment I wouldn't have to deal with the baby drama, but its the worst of any jobs I've ever had! Everyday something gets brought up to cause a fight between someone, it seems to just please my boss. Either I am babying my clerks or the next day I'm not spending enough time on the floor...ect, ect, ect. It's driving me insane! Is it like this everywhere? :knockedout:
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    Unfortunately, that is more the norm - management by intimidation. The only way to fix it is to stand up for yourself, otherwise he will continue to walk all over you.
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    talk to your manager. don't forget to mention the whiney b part. if nothing gets done call the 1800 number.
  18. I try to stand up for myself and it continues to get worse. Unfortunately my Center Manager is very VERY timid. He tells you what you want to hear and than doesn't do anything else. I tried talking to my HR rep, but he keeps telling me, "Just stick in there, You'll be ok" instead of actually helping the situation. I was told the 1800 number was only for Union employees...We can call too?!
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    Its an ethics hotline anyone can call
  20. If you're working then you get paid, thats it. If they don't want to pay you for it, leave at 5.5 everyday. I bet it will change their tune. We had a supe do that. She got paid from then on.

    I put it for it yesterday and it was approved. I always keep track of my hours during peak. I don't trust them to do the right thing anymore. If I am ever missing time to the DM I go. I don't work for free, I don't care if the FT supes don't get OT, we do and thats just the way it is. We just found out this year that if we work a holiday we're supposed to get a discretionary day in its place...same as if a holiday falls during vacation. They conveniently kept that from us for a LONG time. Theres a great many things we get that I didn't know about. Only reason we found out is we have a new district HR manager who came and told us all this. We were shocked to say the least. Bottomeline, don't trust anyone, keep track of your hours and if you're missing ANY bring it up immediately because they will not come to you.