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    This has probably been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know what can be monitored from the center with the new package cars. There's wires going to the bulkhead door, seat, and handbrake, and God knows what else. I've been told everything from "they can watch where you are going only" to "they know if your seat belt is on, door open, hand brake is on, how hard you brake, when and how much you back, and how hard you brake etc". The last info I got was other than where you are, everything else is stored in the vehicles computer, and can be retrieved if they want such as in the case of an accident. Kinda makes me paranoid to think big brother can pull up reports every morning on every little thing I did the previous day. I follow the methods as best I can, but nobody is perfect all the time. I have ADD and it's tough to keep a train of thought all day without "zoning out" once in awhile.
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    Word on the street is this technology is so advanced they can tell if you need to use the restroom or not.
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    There are ten centers in the US monitoring activities using the new system. Its called Telematics. You are likely NOT one of those centers.

    The system monitors travel path via GPS, whether the seat belt is on, when you back, speeding, leaving the bulkhead door open, leaving the engine idle, and also checks if there are any engine problems so Automotive can eliminate breakdowns...

    As I said, its only in ten centers but based on the positive results, I'm betting there will be a lot more next year.

    The last issue of Inside UPS had a quick article on it.

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    They have the pee bottles wired too?:happy-very:
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    Besides that, if you are working the methods, you have nothing to worry about.

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    Here you go.
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    You've definetly been watching way too much Baretta.
  8. I still have to question the value of this. Instead of using this money to improve outdated buildings (like mine lol) or improve the safety of current ridiculously old package cars (holes in floors, lack of 3 point belts, etc) that we're going to continue to use, we're using it to over monitor yet something else. I hope its better implemented than PAS was to start. Granted the wrinkles are finally starting to be ironed out from that, but thats for another day.

    Pretzel Man I don't doubt it may have positive results, but it just seems like overkill. We've survived over 100 years without it, why do we need it now? Is it really CRUCIAL to our employees success? It makes it look like we don't trust our employees to do the right thing. Granted they don't trust us either so I suppose it works both ways but at least that instance isn't costing us monetarily. I agree technology is great, but the company is trying to get too efficient if thats the word. Technology isn't always the answer. PAS (sorry but its too easy of an example in a lot of buildings) was supposed to improve preload. While learning is definitely easier, we've got extra jobs now (SPA people, extra sorters, an entire extra area fully staffed for decap, etc) so I just don't see how that saves us any money all while our service is arguably worse (out of syncs, system flips, incorrect DCAPing, wrong cars, etc) and our center takes longer to wrap than it did previously. Add to that all of the same issues that PAS was supposed to alleviate (last minute add cuts, trucks not containing, etc) that still exist. All the while our turnover is just as bad as before because now we expect people to be perfect from day one with PAS (or at least upper management here in WORMA). Same thing here, I understand how it could be useful, but fail to see any gains at my level.

    I think in both instances while in theory it could be a big help, that money could likely have been better spent elsewhere.