Pacific Coast Benefits Trust - Cash Out


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So I finally quit today after 12 years of service. I have a little more than $11,500 in my trust fund and would like to cash it out asap. I read from another post that you are supposed to wait 3 months before sending the applications or some nonsense like that. I also read that you can download the apps from their website, which I did.

I am single so I believe there are only two apps I need to fill out which would be the lump sum payment application and the method of payment application. Am I correct?
Anyway, on the lump sum payment application there is a line at the top that says,
"Benefits Date," and another that says "Notification Date."

I just want to know if I should put today's date (date I quit) or another date. I ask this because I read someone say that they don't even want you to try to collect the check until after 3 months of separation. Can someone help me out please?


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The benefit effective date and notification date would be the day I left UPS?


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