Package Driver School: What to expect?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownrecluse, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Greetings all. New seasonal hire here. Package driver school is coming up soon. To date, I have not received any info on what to expect... what to bring - IE. civilian cloths, or the uniforms that are on order, etc. All I know is that I'll be in Grand Rapids, MI for a week - whereabouts unknown.

    What should I expect in that week. Also, is there additional training back at the center? Finally, is there anything specific [that may not make UPS's list of items to bring] that you seasoned drivers would recommend that I have on hand?
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    Learn your AGKLM or as you may hear it being reffered to as "All Good Kids Like Milk." Also know your 10 point commentary. When I went thru driving school it was emphasised to know both of these word for word. Take civilian clothing when you go for dinner, but during the day you will have to wear UPS uniform. When I went for training we spent the first couple of days in class. You will watch videos and discuss some things with your insturctors. There will also be people talking to your class about claims, how to avoid them, safe driving practices, etc. Thrid day probably you guys will go out driving, where you have to recite AGKLM and demonstarte the 10 pt. commentary as you drive. Your instructors will tell you what to do. Just pay attention and make sure you memorize the points they give you. Some of the things they'll teach may seem like obvious stuff, but trust me knowing all the safe driving and delivery methods will greatly help you out, when you have a loaded up package car and you have to deliver in areas you've never been before. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    Thank you lovetokayak. It does help. I am looking forward to beginning training.
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    HAHAHA i wanted to post something like that, except i never been through it.:lol::lol: