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  1. brown67

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    We have a bid in our center for a package/feeder driver. I understand the job; drive normal package route and then cover vacations for the feeder drivers when they are on vacation or hurt.

    Seniority is still in package cars not feeders. However, I would be a qualified feeder driver if I win the bid. My question is that one of our three feeder drivers is going to retire in the next year or two. When his route goes up for bid the other two feeder drivers will have first shot at it, but one of the routes will open up. When it goes up for bid to the center will I have first shot at it, since I would be feeder qualified or would it just go the highest seniority package driver? I'm in Colorado if that helps.
  2. drewed

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    Im thinking it will go to the top package guy if he wants it.
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    Talk to your union guys. In my center the current back up feeder driver would get that bid feeder route and then that back up feeder position would go up for bid to the package drivers.
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    Brown67, Have you been to feeder school yet?
  5. brown67

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    No not yet. This is all assuming I win the bid.
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    well i think if you are bidding the person with the highest senority wins but dont give up get your cdl learners permit you have to have it 30 days before you can have the dmv examiner do the road test and pass ya.dont know about your center but a lot of people fail its tough. go to your feeder department and get the pre trips and set up and post trip sheets and study study. we had a feeder list go up in january and i signed up for it and i went to school on july so it could take some time feeder school is no joke and you got to know what your doing dont go in there thinking your going to pass with out studying it wont happen you got to know the 10 point 5 seeing habits keys to backing lifting and all that safty jazz i know i prob didnt answer you question but as a new feeder driver myself im trying to give you an edge hope i helped a lil
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    We have a senior feeder list (Super Q) and a qualified list.

    If there is a run opening its bid to the senior feeder list first. Vacated runs would go to the qualified list if there are no senior drivers without runs.

    Bids for run openings should go to the feeder qualified list once the super Q list has been exhausted.

    then to all package drivers in the building that wish to become feeder qualified.

    You should ask your local. My group is under the atlantic supplement but within that we have different bidding process by locals due to past arbitrations that were won or lost by local.