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  1. Sweeper26

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    I am a student in college and need money to pay for my books and classes and i want to know how the part time job for packge handler job is? i go a interview this month so if anyone can help me i appreciate it thanks
  2. cental34

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    All it is is loading or unloading trucks for 4-5 hours a day. Not much more to know. It's a pretty physical job, so be prepared to sweat. If you are hired, be prepared for your body to ache for the first couple of weeks while it adjusts.
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    You get worked into the ground by one of the most horribly run organizations managed by the most oblivious and old-school managers in the world. You will dread to show up every night and cherish the nights when only 5 problems arise in a 4 hour shift. The only reason why you would stick with it is the $2000 cheque at the end of the semester.

    Oh and to be eligible for earn&learn, your first day of work has to be before your first day of class for that semester.