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    Hi everyone,

    I am a 19 year old college student and recently applied for a part time package handler job and right after was set up with an appointment for an interview/tour. I have looked on a lot of different sites and forums and most of them say that being a package handler really sucks.

    I have been working at a Dairyqueen/OrangeJulius for 3 1/2 years in a mall. If you've ever worked fast food in a mall you know how much it sucks after a while and how it makes you hate people. That's why this job interests me because I don't mind getting dirty and working hard as long as I don't have to deal with customers. So I have a few questions and I thought the best place to get them answered was on a UPS forum.

    What can I expect to start off at? I would be leaving my old job making 8.10/hr. When I applied for the package handler job it says 8.50-9.50/hr with 17 1/2 - 20 hours per week. How do they decide what wage to start you off at and can I get more than 20 hours per week?

    What does a typical package handler day consist of?

    Another reason I want to work at UPS is I would love to become an OTR trucker for the company someday. Truck driving is something that I've always wanted to do and that's what I see myself doing as a career. What is the average time on the wait list it takes to become a delivery driver? And how would I go about getting an OTR job with them?

    Thanks for your time. :happy2:
  2. Livin the Dream?

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    Package handler starts at $8.50 per hour. It is very hard, physical labor. Working at Dairy Queen will feel like a vacation compared to UPS.

    You will not get over 20 hours per week in the beginning.

    However -

    UPS will give you opportunities for the future. Way, way in the future. You will become much stronger physically. You will grow a thick skin.

    DO NOT join UPS because you want to be a feeder driver / OTR trucker. That is like buying a Boeing 747 because you like the peanuts.
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    How about buying the farm because you like the peanuts?
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    Welcome to BC and UPS. The starting wage is determined by the contract which you can find a link to on the left side under teamster news. $8.50 is for unskilled such as unloading and the $9.50 is for skilled such as loading or sorting. You are guaranteed 3 1/2 hrs. The 17 1/2 hrs. is guaranteed and usually get about 19-20 probably not over 20. You will also receive insurance after 1 yr of employment.

    Your day will consist of either loading or unloading trailers probably unloading or loading package cars it will be early if you are on the preload start berween 4-4:30 and get done around 8:30 to 9.

    The wait to become a driver is usually at least 5 years and can be more really just depends on the size of your center and how many retirements.

    OTR which is called feeders here can take years to get into and is mostly made up of former package drivers but the wait usually tops 20 years ft to get one of these jobs sometimes less in a smaller building.

    Now this job is hot, hard, and physical work it is nothing lilke you expect it to not trying to scare you just letting you know it is not for everyone but if you put in your time it can pay off big for you down the road. Good luck and keep us updated on how it goes.

    (The biggest thing at UPS is seniority rules there is no way to bypass seniority)
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    I started 2 and a half months ago at 8.50 an hour. Just got a 50 cent raise and another dollar raise so I'm up to 10 an hour. During my first 30 days I was the first person they would let go at the end of the shift. But now there is another new guy so I'm getting more hours. I worked 21 hours last week and could've worked more but I had to leave early one day. It seems like I'm going to be getting more hours every week.

    The work is hard and physical but I'm athletic so I love the workout. If you don't like a good workout then you won't like UPS. Don't even bother. I sweat bullets the whole time I'm there. You will be pretty sore the first couple of weeks even if you already workout already.

    I made it real clear to them that the reason I'm there is to become a driver. You have to be in the union for 1 year before you can get on the waiting list. My full time supervisor tells me he should be able to get me driving pretty soon after that. I know everyone on this site says it takes years but that's not what my supervisors tell me. Maybe because I'm in one of the busiest parts of the country so demand for drivers is higher? I don't know but I hope it doesn't take much longer than a year.
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    Good luck ... hope that is true in your area. Definitely much shorter than in most places.
    There are pockets where I have seen this.
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    Your FT supervisor can't get you anywhere "...pretty soon....".
    Your seniority determines when you and anyone else gets to go driving.
    Your supe is blowing smoke up your lower extremities in order to get you all enthused and excited (and work harder). much for honesty and integrity.
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    Thanks for the replies. I understand it will be harder than working at DQ lol but I've had it with that job and all its BS and am ready to move onto better things. When I applied the position that was availiable said 3am-9am or 9pm-3am. I'm guessing it doesn't mean the whole six hour shift but means between those time frames?
  9. Livin the Dream?

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    Whoa. Wait. You have not experienced BS until you have been employed by UPS. You may think you have, but it will pale in comparison to the art it has become at UPS.

    Usually 4 hours in the middle of those times.
  10. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Crap, I was like this, wasn't I?

    NJNEWBIE - fly low. That way, when you crash, it won't hurt that bad.
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    UPS is hard work, but your young, and you can move on to bigger and better things there! GOOD LUCK:peaceful:

    P.S. Don't burn your bridges at DQ:wink2:(only kidding)
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    If you want to be a true "OTR" trucker, UPS offers very few of these positions. Most of their feeders are local only. The OTR they have is teams.

    Since you are only 19 and you can't drive trucks yet anyways, I would say give UPS a shot and see if it works out. If not, you could always move on when you are 23 (which is the age most companies require to drive interstate loads, though the law is only 21.)

    I actually tried to do what you are thinking about doing. I got a job at UPS to pay for college at age 20. I had wanted to be a truck driver since age 12 or so. When I got the job at UPS I wasn't even thinking about actually driving for UPS, I was just there for tuition reimbursement. About two years ago I decided I would try to become a feeder driver with UPS. In my location you can go from part-time to feeders. I still have a few years of waiting to go for a full-time feeder job. Last Oct I attempted to work peak as a seasonal feeder and I was disqualified. I am going to give it at least one more try, but I have found it difficult to jump into the fast-paced job of UPS feeders with no trucking experience.

    Good luck
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    Y not say something helpful rather than just be a douchebag???
  14. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    It took me a year to realize this on this forum - but I actually did say something helpful.

    I forgive you.
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    Thanks for all the input guys it's really helpful. I would like to become a trucker someday but I dunno if I can hold out 10+ years at UPS lol. I really hope I get hired and if I do I'll definitely become an active member here :). If I get the job and it turns out it's really not for me, I'll stick with it through the summer while I study to get my CDL and then I'll try to find a part time delivery type job to gain some experience.

    I have a couple more questions that have been on my mind...

    So its true you don't get any of the benefits until you've been working there for 1 year? Does that include tuition assistance?

    If I get the job and start at 8.50 how long do you think it would take to advance to 9.50-10?

    Might be a stupid question but, what should I wear to the interview? It says to dress casual but I'm not sure how casual lol

    For the interview/tour, is it like a group of people that tour and get interviewed all at once? Or is it a one on one type thing?
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    He did say something very helpful to you, but you don't know the whole story about his adventures within the company, so don't be too quick to judge.:peaceful:
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    I just told u how long it takes to get a raise. Are you paying attention here or what??? Been there 2 months and now I'm at 10.
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    Yeah I'm paying attention lol. That sounds almost too good to be true though. If I could be making 10 that would be awesome.
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    Then he should share his experience rather than be a douchebag like i said...
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    50 cents from the union. A dollar for becoming "skilled."